ECON 3818-300 Intro to Statistics with Computer Applications

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ECON 3818-300 Intro to Statistics with Computer Applications
University of Colorado, Department of Economics
Econ 3818, Spring 2006
Introduction to Statistics with Computer Applications
Instructor: Scott Holladay
Class: TR 12:30-1:45
Office: ECON 306
Room: EKLC E1B20
Office phone: 303-492-6023
Office hours: TR 11:00-12:15
E-mail: [email protected]
Course website: http://ucsu.colorado.edu/~holladaj/3818
Course Objectives:
The course is designed as a rigorous introduction to statistics and econometrics for
economics students. For most of you this will be your first course in statistics. For this
reason, one of the goals of the course is to introduce you to many new concepts and
techniques, as well as interesting applications of these concepts. We will also learn to use
the same statistical tools employed by professional statisticians. This course begins with
an introduction to the tools used to describe samples of data from a population. There
will also be a brief introduction to probability theory. The course then covers estimation
and its application to confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. Finally, if time allows,
we will discuss single and multivariate regression analysis. These are the most important
tools used in econometrics.
There are no prerequisites for this course, but a good understanding of algebra is
essential. Attendance at all lectures and recitations is required. This course does not
have the level of technical difficulty of more advanced statistics and econometrics
courses. However, the large range of topics covered can make this course challenging.
The best way to succeed is to review the material after every lecture.
The grade for this course will be calculated as follows:
Midterm 1
Midterm 2
Feb. 16
March 23
May 6th
There will be no make up exams. A student who misses a midterm due to an excused
absence will have the additional weight shifted to the final.
Required Text: Statistics for Economics, An Intuitive Approach by Alan S. Caniglia.
Software: Microsoft Excel will be used for much of the data analysis in this course.
Microsoft Excel is supported in all of the campus computer labs, including the lab in the
basement of the Economics building.
-The Economics Department will make reasonable accommodations for persons with
documented disabilities. Students must notify their instructors no later than the first week
of term, and provide documentation of the disability obtained from the Disabilities
Services Office located in Willard Hall, Room 322.
-We will make reasonable accommodations for students who have conflicts between
religious observance dates and course examinations or assignments. Please talk to me at
the beginning of the semester, if you think you may require such accommodation. For
university policies on this and on other things, see
-For university policies on cheating and plagiarism, and the university honor code, see
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