Small Appliances - Policies Procedures

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Small Appliances - Policies Procedures
Small Appliances Policies and Procedures
Fire and Life-Safety Group (FLS)
Coffee makers, toasters, and other small, heat-producing appliances used without safety
precautions constitute a considerable ignition and fire risk. However, by following the
guidelines listed below, this danger can be significantly reduced.
Small, heat-producing appliances should:
• Be used in kitchens or rooms with automatic fire sprinklers only.
• Not be used in offices and areas without fire sprinklers.
• Be kept away from combustible material such as paper, cardboard, and
combustible furniture.
• Be Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed.
• Not be used if greasy or containing crumbs or food build-up and should be
cleaned on a regular basis.
• Not be used if the power cord is frayed.
• Not be used with extension cords longer than 6 ft.
• Not be used if an unusual odor or sparks are produced.
• Not be plugged into the same outlet as several other electrical appliances.
• Have their warning labels read, followed and left attached.
• Have built-in timers or be plugged in through a timer.
• Be unplugged when not in use.
• Be unplugged at the end of each day.
Please note: For the use of timers and for ensuring that appliances are not left operating
after building hours, two people with independent backups (for sick and vacation day
coverage) should be assigned to disconnect such appliances. This requirement becomes
even more important before weekends and holidays.
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