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Curriculum Committee
The Office of the President established the Curriculum Committee in April 1994.
Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Clover Park Technical College Curriculum Committee to:
review instructional issues, approve curricular offerings of the College, and make recommendations as
to compliance with the vision mission, and goals of the college thereby preserving institutional
A. Review all instructional programs and courses to ensure:
• Relevance to the college mission
• Courses numbered 100 and above are at college level
• Compliance with major competency changes as defined by the Northwest Commission for
Schools and Colleges Accrediting body
• Assessment processes are clearly defined, encompass all offerings, are conducted on a
regular basis, and are integrated into the overall planning and evaluation plan.
• Learning outcomes for all degree and certificate programs are identified and published.
B. Review all course outlines to ensure that all required elements are included and
properly formatted.
C. Serve as a forum for discussion of instructional issues.
D. Make recommendations related to instructional standards.
The Committee shall conduct meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. If the work of the
Committee dictates, the Chair or Vice President for Instruction may call additional meetings.
A. Committee membership shall consist of the Vice President for Instruction, Instructional Deans,
Faculty Representatives, Student Services Representative, Committee on Learning Assessment
(COLA) Chair, and the Registrar. To maintain balance between faculty and non-faculty each
instructional division shall have at least 2 faculty representatives. The Coding & Scheduling
Specialist will attend meetings to record new offerings and respond to questions related to course
Length of Terms
Terms for Instructional Deans, the Registrar and the Vice
President for Instruction shall be perpetual.
Terms for other committee members shall be 2 years.
One half (50 percent) of the faculty representatives will be rotated
Other members shall be designated by the Vice President for Instruction and be
rotated as deemed necessary.
Faculty membership shall be determined by election within individual
divisions. Elections are to be held not later than April 7 of the
appropriate rotation year. To effect a smooth transition, the newly
elected faculty representative will begin attending committee meetings in
May along with the current representative and will officially assume
responsibility at the following July meeting.
In the event a faculty position becomes vacant, the Committee Chair in conjunction
with the appropriate Dean, will appoint a faculty
member from that division to complete the remaining term.
B. Removal from the Committee:
Voluntary removal will be by submission of a letter of resignation to the Chair stating the reasons
for the resignation. Involuntary removal will take a two-thirds vote of the membership in
attendance. Criteria for removal include, but are not limited to, non-attendance and nonparticipation.
Role of Committee Members
All committee members are expected to:
• Regularly attend meetings
• Serve on sub-committees
• Bring course outlines forward for approval as submitted by members of their divisions
or departments
• Recommend agenda items for the Committee to address
• Actively participate in the work of the Committee.
Voting Rights
All committee members have voting rights with the exception of the Coding and
Scheduling specialist.
Election of Committee Chair
A. The Committee Chair will be elected by the voting membership from the committee at large and
will alternate between members of different instructional divisions.
B. The term of office for the Committee Chair shall be 2 years, commencing in July of
even-numbered years.
C. Elections for the Committee Chair will take place in April. This will enable the
Chair to work with the outgoing Chair from April to July to affect a smoother
transition of leadership.
Committee Chair Responsibilities
A. It will be the duty of the Chair to:
• Preside over meetings
• Coordinate committee activities with the Vice President For Instruction
• Perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to this position
B. In the event the Chair is unavailable to preside over a committee meeting(s), the
Vice President for Instruction will assume the responsibility.
Recording Secretary
A. The Recording Secretary will be responsible for maintaining and distributing minutes
of all Curriculum Committee meetings. Minutes should be disseminated no later than
one week prior to the next committee meeting.
B. The Recording Secretary will be the support person/administrative assistant from
the department from which the Committee Chair is a member. The term of office
for the Recording Secretary shall be identical to that of the Committee Chair.
A. To carry out the purposes of the Curriculum Committee as described in Section II, sub-committees
may be formed. The sub-committees may be either “standing committees,” appointed for a
definite period of time; or “special committees,” appointed for a special purpose.
B. The Committee on Learning Assessment (COLA) is designated as a standing committee of
Curriculum Committee. COLA assists in providing evidence that assessment activities lead to the
improvement of teaching and learning in all instructional programs. COLA is responsible for
carrying out outcomes and assessment work as directed by the Curriculum Committee and for
making ongoing assessment recommendations to the Curriculum Committee.
C. The elected chair of COLA is an active faculty representative of Curriculum Committee. The chair
makes regular assessment reports at Curriculum Committee meetings and assists in the
coordination of instructional assessment activities.
Amendments to the By-Laws
Amendments to this charter shall be submitted in writing to the Committee and must be
approved by two-thirds of the voting members in attendance. The vote on the amendments will be
taken at the meeting following the date of submission.
Rules of Order
The current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all actions of this
Committee that are not governed by this charter.
Date adopted June 8 , 1999
REVISED: 5/14/02
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