Homework 7

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Homework 7
Air and Water Pollution Prevention and Control Engineering
Homework # 7
1.- Do some research to identify five selected water pollutants produced by anthropogenic sources in your locality
and estimate the amounts discharged into natural water streams.
2.- Use the Convection-Diffusion model to estimate the dispersion of a pollutant discharged t into a shallow ( width
= 10 m, depth =1 m, length = 50 m) water channel that flows with a velocity of 0.5 m/s with a concentration of 0.1
g/m . The pollutant containing stream is discharged through a 1 m wide port located in the middle of the channel.
Carry out computer experiments showing the effects of the various parameters and write a 250 word essay
summarizing your findings.
3.- Produce a ~ 250 word essay combining what we have covered in class to date with your proposed water
pollution project topic.
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