November 13

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November 13
University Memorial Center Board Minutes
Tuesday, November 13, 2012
UMC 245-5:30 pm
Attendance: Tyler R. (v), Naveen V. (v), Benjamin L. (v), Lily A. (v), Ben P. (v), Debbie C. (v),
Danielle V. (proxy vote for Tiffanie B.), Derik L. (ex-o), Qinye “Moon” Y. (ex-o), Heather S. (exo), Shane H. (ex-o), Robin M. (ex-o), Carlos G. (ex-o), Andrea Z. (guest)
I. Call to Order – 5:32pm
II. Approvals
A. Tuesday November 6th, 2012 Minutes – Minutes and agenda moved to bundle and
approved via acclimation. Motion to approve minutes and agenda approved via
B. Tuesday November 13th, 2012 Agenda
o Budget training has been moved to second to last item on agenda
III. Chair’s Report
Space Allocations committee update- Only 3 groups were below 20% threshold and
will be brought in to answer questions. The next meeting November 27th is to vote on
recommendation of the sub-committee. Appeals (if there are any) will be heard on
December 2nd.
New member training will be held the week after break most likely
Meeting schedule for remainder of semester- three more dates- 11/27, 12/2, 12/11
(winter banquet)
V. Director’s Report
Doing financially well- Little concern with food services retail but catering is doing
Welcome Back concert was a little more expensive than in the past so Program
council funds are looking a little odd but will normalize as soon as external funds are
transferred over and other activity begins to take place.
VI. Program Council
Just announced Robin Williams will be at Macky on January 18th, However, may be a
little pricey- Approx. $50
• PC is working on a couple of Balch shows for the Spring.
VII. CU Night Ride
Problem with phones lately- if you are the 5th, 6th, or after caller you do not hear the
CU message and people are being put on hold for hours on end
• Figuring out what to do about this problem- complaints are coming in
• Yet, record number of people 340 people in one night (last Saturday)
• 1673 people served from 11/1 – 11/13/12
VIII. Student Veteran’s Association
• Need new member now that Matt is an at-large student voting member
IX. Food Services
Working on the DQ for the Wok-n-Roll space
Go out to bid starting the first week in January until the first week in February- one
month’s time
Need to take members from UMC board to be on review committee for Wok n Roll
Every restaurant needs to go out to bid- to get best offer procurement process is
necessary in the state of Colorado
Installed Nutrition module- Nutrition facts should be available beginning spring
• Full turkey dinner on Tuesday available in the grill for Thanksgiving
X. CU Gold
• Sarah is not here today
Greek Bill brought up last week was passed for the first reading, now going on the
second reading because it is permanent change
• CUSG money considered state funds so state laws apply
XII. Feedback - None
XIV. Old Business
Alcohol recovery never got to meet so we will table this until after break- need to
come to some decision
Colorado Dailey space- renewing until June 30th to give us time to decide what to do
In January we will be discussing the budget to make sure we are obeying guidelines
of CUSG- this training will make us familiar with the process
Budget Training- Topics Peggy discussed
Discuss current budget, projected budget, budget request
Understanding terms and expenses
“Unduckable”- odd name for the kinds of expenses that we have no control over
Cost vs. Revenue Centers
Example of Revenue centers bringing in revenues
o Strict cost (expense) centers need student fees to operate
Budget Package
Capital, Bonds, Food Service Loan, Energy Loan
Challenges for Upcoming Budget
Budget Format & Budget Schedule(estimate)
XIIV. Adjournment - 6:45pm
Fly UP