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Imagine City - Universidade do Porto
Imagine City
Pedro Silva{pedro.brandao.silva }, Luís Teófilo{luis.teofilo }, João Jacob{joao.jacob }, Tiago
Fernandes{tfernandes }
Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
- @fe.up.pt
Imagine City é um simulador urbano, feito para
ser um jogo multiplayer com integração em redes
sociais. Os objetivos do jogo são construir uma
cidade do nada enquanto se tentam resolver os
vários problemas que possam surgir (fome,
desemprego, poluição, etc). A ideia é sensibilizar
as pessoas para os 8 Objetivos do Milénio, uma
vez que vão ter que tentar resolvê-los a uma
escala mais pequena. Isto é feito através da
construção de estruturas e infraestruturas, bem
como a aprovação de leis e a criação de
parcerias entre jogadores. Cada uma destas
ações contribui positiva ou negativamente a
pontuação atribuída a cada Objetivo do Milénio.
O Imagine City é um jogo sem fim, uma vez que
o objetivo é de uma constante melhoria da cidade
enquanto se compete por uma melhor posição no
ranking mundial do Imagine City.
Imagine City is a three-dimensional business
simulation game, designed to be a massive
multiplayer online game integrated with social
networks. The objective is to build a city from
scratch and try to address the many problems
that arise from it (hunger, unemployment,
pollution, etc). In short, the idea is to try to reach
the 8 Millennium goals at this small scale and to
try to realize the difficulties of it as well as to learn
how to accomplish them. This is done by
constructing and evolving roads and buildings,
passing laws and measures, and establishing
partnerships with other players. Each of these
actions can contribute in many different ways to
improve your score regarding the Millennium
goals’ achievement. Imagine City is intended to
be “non-ending game” – the player’s objective is
to improve his city as much as possible and
compete in a world’s Imagine City Ranking.
Palavras- chave: Simulação, Cidade, Jogo Sério, Keywords: Simulation,
Objetivos Milenares
Millennium Goals
The millennium goals are eight international development goals, set by the UN and all its’ forming
countries and adopted by several other international organizations that are to be achieved by 2015.
The goals are:
Achieve universal primary education
Promote gender equality and empower
Improve maternal health
Reducing child mortality rates
Fighting disease epidemics
Developing a global partnership for
In order to alert people for these goals, and how they can be accomplished, Imagine City was
developed. As a cooperative building simulation game, it attempts to tackle all these issues, as the
player builds a perfect city, by creating adequate infrastructures, hospitals, schools, approving laws
and trading resources with fellow players.
Cooperative Multiplayer – Players can make deals with fellow players and exchange different
Competitive Multiplayer – Players can check how well are they faring against other players in
a global scale
Evolve and Build – Not only can you build structures, you can upgrade their effect, either by
laws or by creating more advanced and effective buildings of the same cathegory.
Multiple Levels – You can select different starting scenarios that best suit your tastes.
Endless Gameplay – Like the struggle to accomplish the millennium goals, your job never
ends! There is always more room for improvement.
As they player starts the game and logs in (registering may be needed) he selects the starting
scenario. After that the player now faces the true challenge of the game: creating a city that deals with
the millennium goals. While at start the lack of resources and money make it very difficult to start
improving the life quality of the citizens, as the player manages to build better facilities and approves
important laws, these change. However, many improvements in one area can seriously cripple others,
making some goals difficult to attain. In fact, players will soon notice that there is always room for
improving the city and how the goals are being met, making it impossible to truly finish the game. And
as the choices for what buildings, infrastructures and laws to approve, are many, there is also a
guarantee that each player experiences a different game.
Target Customer
As most building simulation games, this game can be played by people of nearly all ages. However, to
better grasps some of the millennium goals concepts we’d advise this game for people of 12+ years of
Games such as SimCity, Age of Empires, Civilization
Unique Selling Points
Cooperative gameplay
Law system
Endless game
High-Score between
competitive gameplay
Real-life issues being dealt with
Design Goals
Cooperative: Ask your “partners” for resources, giving them something (or nothing!) in
exchange. Or opt out of this cooperative play and rely only on yourself.
Engaging: See your city grow as you gain more resources and upgrade exisiting buildings and
Serious: It’s not all fun and games. Keep an eye on the millenium goals, and how are you
working towards them, as they determine your game performance.
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