António Manuel Barata Tavares CURRICULUM VITAE

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António Manuel Barata Tavares CURRICULUM VITAE
António Manuel Barata Tavares
António Manuel Barata Tavares. I was born in 1 October 1957.
I have got the degree of licentiate on Medicine at 1981, by Faculty of Medicine of the
Classic University of Lisbon.
I made the post graduate course on Public Health by National School of Public Health,
I have got de PhD at 2004, on Public Health, Environmental Health specialization, by
National School of Public Health of New University of Lisbon.
Health Services activity:
I was internal doctor at Pulido Valente Hospital (1982/85).
I have got speciality on Public Health at Mafra Health Centre (1985/1988), and I have
got the specialist degree on Public Health in 1988.
I was nominated Public Health Doctor of Lisbon Health Regional Administration, Public
Health Service Direction. I was nominated Head of Public Health Service Direction, in
1990, until 1993.
I was nominated Health Authority of Lisbon City in 1990 and Health Authority of Lisbon
District in 1991.
In 1993 I was nominated Head of Transmissible Diseases Division of the DirectorateGeneral of Health, until 1996.
In 1995 I have got the degree of Adviser on Public Health.
In 1996 I was Public Health Doctor of Venda Nova Health Centre and Health Authority
of Amadora Council, until 2006.
In 2006 I held the first place in the competition to Head of Environmental Health
Division of the Directorate-General of Health and I held that position until 2007.
In June 2007 I am in charge of the Coordination of the Environmental Health
Department of the Health National Institute Doctor Ricardo Jorge.
Teaching activity:
I was Surgery Discipline Monitor (1983/85).
I was Pedagogic Coordinator of the Environmental Health Course of the Lisbon Higher
School of Technological Health (1991/1994).
I was prelector on several modulus at the National School of Public Health (1988/90
and 2000/04);
In 2004, the Scientific Council of the National School of Public Health deliberated about
his admission as Auxiliary Invited Professor, position I have nowadays.
At Health Services I gave training formation in a total of 1050 hours, namely on “Health
Research Methodology” and on “Health Planning”, among others.
Other relevant issues:
I belong to several Work Groups and Commissions at Health Services, namely at
Directorate-General of Health and as Health Services delegate. I was Coordinator of
the Interministerial Group to the population exposure valuation on electromagnetic
fields – 2003.
I published several books on health field and several scientific papers in speciality
revues. I presented several communications at Scientific Meetings and developed
several Research Projects on Health and Health Care.
I won two scientific prizes with scientific works and books on Public Health field. I have
a big literary activity and I won eleven literary prices.
Since 1981 I am inscribed in Medical Order, and I belong to the Public Health
Specialists Group of the Medical Order since 1994.
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