Professoras: Patrícia Karen e Ana Maria Gorga Nome

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Professoras: Patrícia Karen e Ana Maria Gorga Nome
Professoras: Patrícia Karen e Ana Maria Gorga
Nome: ________________________________n.º __
Barueri, __/ __/ 2009
8ª série___
2ª Postagem
Disciplina: Língua Inglesa
Prezados alunos,
Neste segundo momento, realizaremos uma revisão das unidades 4, 5 e 6 do livro didático Power English 4 que é
utilizado em sala de aula. Isso significa que essas unidades podem ser usadas como referências na ocorrência de
dúvidas. Além do livro, o caderno também poderá ser consultado, bem como o dicionário para a interpretação dos
enunciados, conforme informado anteriormente.
No entanto, essas atividades podem ser impressas e resolvidas na própria folha para entrega em sala de aula na
próxima semana de retorno normal às aulas. Não será necessário copiá-las. As datas de entrega serão combinadas,
bem como os critérios de avaliação.
Ressaltamos que estamos à disposição para esclarecimentos de dúvidas e explicações necessárias.
Um grande abraço, bom estudo e até a próxima semana.
1- Read the text bellow and answer the questions.
Isaac Newton, Walt Disney, Elvis Presley and many other famous people were criticized when young. People told
them things like:
You´re good for nothing!
You´re not going to make it!
You´re hopeless!
Did people misjudge them? Make your own conclusions.
Walt Disney – film maker; cartoonist
Once, when Walt Disney was working at a newspaper, the publisher told him that he didn´t have a good ideas and
fired him.
Albert Einstein – physicist
When Einstein was in elementary school, the director told his parents: “He´ll never succeed in life”.
He, later, created the Theory of Relativity.
Louise May Alcott – novelist, poet
An editor told Louise that she couldn´t write anything good.
In 1868 she wrote “Little Women”, a best- seller all over the world.
Beethoven – composer
One day, when Beethoven was playing one of his compositions on the piano, his music teacher told him: “You´re
hopeless as a composer.”
Charles Darwin – scientist
Darwin couldn´t finish medical school. However, he wrote: “The Origin of The Species” and changed the history
of science.
Elvis Presley – singer
He flunked the audition for a popular TV Show called “Talents Scouts”, in the 1950´s.
Misjudge – julgar erradamente
Hopeless – sem esperança
Flunked – foi reprovado
a) What was Disney doing when he was fired?
b) What was a famous TV Show in the 50´s?
c) Who was Beethoven?
d) In your opinion, those people were misjudged? Why?
2. Supply the past continuous of the verbs in parentheses.
Yesterday, Sally________________(to read) a book while I _____________________ (to make) dinner.
Jessica _______________________(to watch) TV when I got home last night.
It______________________(to rain) hard when I left this morning.
_______ you ___________ (to have) dinner when I called you last night?
What ________ she ____________ (to do) when I arrived?
3. Choose the correct verb form to indicate probable condition.
to find –
to cut
to learn - to go
If we protest, they ______________________ (negative form) the trees.
If you pay attention, you __________________ (affirmative form) the lesson.
If he has money, he _____________________ (affirmative form) to the movies every day.
She ______________________ (affirmative form) her book if he looks for it in her bedroom.
4. Give some advices or indicate some obligations. Use should or shouldn´t to write your sentences.
Example: a person drinks so much – You shoudn´t drink so much because it is bad for your health.
a student needs help - ___________________________________________________________________
your friend is angry - ____________________________________________________________________
a person is depressed- ___________________________________________________________________
a person is selfish - _____________________________________________________________________
My message:
The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret of outward success.
Henry Ward Beecher
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