Me lembro que na época de Má educação havia uma

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Me lembro que na época de Má educação havia uma
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“Me lembro que na época de
Má educação havia uma
história de que eu teria
rompido com Pedro
[Almodóvar] porque não
queria fazer as cenas de sexo.
Isso é ridículo”
“I remember the days of Bad
Education, when a rumor was
going around that I had fallen
out with Pedro [Almodóvar]
because I didn’t want to do the
sex scenes. It was preposterous”
Gael no polêmico O crime do padre Amaro (2002); e nos filmes de Almodóvar
e Cuarón, Má educação (2004); e E sua mãe também (2001), respectivamente
In the controversial Crime do Padre Amaro (2002), in Almodóvar’s
Bad Education (2004) and in Cuarón’s And Your Mama Too (2001)
destination a changed person. These two films are
precisely about this, and are also quests for identity,
for integration into society or for its refusal and transformation. I’m fascinated by these topics.”
This connection with the deepest aspects of the
profession led Gael to expand his purview: he produced the short-film series Los invisibles (2010), about
the drama of undocumented migrants and for which
he won the Human Rights award given by the
Washington Office on Latin America; has been named
a Global Ambassador for Oxfam, a confederation of
NGOs devoted to fighting famine and social inequality; and, at the head of Canana, his production company (in partnership with friend Diego Luna), he supports audiovisual production in Latin America. “I don’t
know if a movie, an actor’s appearance or a statement
from somebody can change the world,” he says, finally looking a little tired after an hour’s conversation
about cinema and politics. “But we must try. Freedom
of speech is an essential tenet of true democracy. We
must continue preventing silence from settling in.”
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