Conferências de Robert C. Bishop

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Conferências de Robert C. Bishop
Conferências de
Robert C. Bishop
12 e 14 de Junho’13
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
12 Junho’13 | 11h00 | Auditório da FFCUL (C1, Piso 3)
Complexity and Contextual Emergence
Abstract: Complex phenomena arise in the natural sciences as well as in social systems. Such complexity is rich with
metaphysical and epistemological implications but is only recently receiving sustained philosophical analysis. For
example, there has been too little sustained analysis of causation or laws in complex systems. Contextual emergence is
a framework allowing for more detailed metaphysical and epistemological analysis of complexity while taking the
scientific developments seriously. I will describe contextual emergence, focusing particularly on the importance of
stability conditions, and illustrate it using the physical example of convection. Then, I will extract some lessons for further
philosophical reflection on top-down constraint and causation relevant for metaphysics and philosophy of science
14 Junho’13 | 11h00 | Auditório da FFCUL (C1, Piso 3)
Chaos, Complexity and the Question of Determinism
Abstract: Chaos and complexity are topics of intense interest. Generally, nonlinear models are used to describe and
explore actual world phenomena we take to be chaotic or complex. However, these models raise several questions
about their relationship to the target systems we seek to model as well as about whether such systems are deterministic
or not. In this talk, I will give some basic characterizations of chaos, complexity, nonlinearity and determinism. I will then
explore some philosophical questions that nonlinear models raise about the status of determinism in the actual world.
Robert C. Bishop é professor de Física e Filosofia da Ciência no Wheaton College. Especialista nas
implicações filosóficas do caos e da complexidade, é editor da Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy e de
entradas da Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. A sua investigação actual centra-se nas questões da
emergência, determinismo, filosofia das ciências sociais e filosofia da mente.
Coordenação: Joana Rigato | [email protected]
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