A Highly Qualified Engineering Team Empowered with

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A Highly Qualified Engineering Team Empowered with
A Highly Qualified Engineering Team Empowered with University Advanced Degrees Carlos Ruiz Director, Energy Management Systems [email protected] www.svmesa.com
Outline • 
Soteica Visual Mesa Our Company and its relaGon with the University Our working style Importance of the University Soteica Visual MESA LLC •  Soteica was founded in 1984 in Buenos Aires, ArgenGna, to provide world class process systems engineering soluGons to the Process Industry •  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, since 2001. Merged with with Visual MESA LLC in 2005 to be Soteica Visual MESA LLC •  Offices in Houston, Barcelona, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Rosario and São Paulo •  Comprehensive partnership with Yokogawa since 2013, for global technical and commercial coverage •  Full suite of services: –  ImplementaGon –  Technology transfer –  Sustainability and technical support •  80+ site-­‐wide real Gme performance monitoring and opGmizaGon systems implemented •  35+ years of conGnuous growing and development –  A successful track record Some Customers ExxonMobil Air Liquide Chevron Texaco Repsol YPF Phillips66 BP KNPC SABIC Total Cepsa Petrobras Saras Shell Ineos Grupa Lotos Rohm & Haas Petroplus ENAP ANCAP Interquisa Braskem Usacucar Our Company and its relaGon with the University •  Soteica Visual MESA LLC is a process systems engineering soluGons supplier, developing and implemenGng soeware based systems for the industry on a worldwide basis –  Energy Management (Real Time OpGmizaGon, Monitoring and MulG-­‐Period OpGmizaGon) –  ProducGon AccounGng (Mass Balance and Data ReconciliaGon) –  Scheduling (Supply Chain and OperaGons Scheduling) •  Systems are developed and implemented with a highly qualified engineering team •  Almost all of our team has University engineering degrees (BSc, mainly in chemical engineering) and several also hold advanced degrees (MSc and PhD). This has been proven to be very good for the company performance •  Even though the majority of the people hired already had their University degrees, in several cases advanced degrees were obtained while working for the company or during an interim leave Our Company and its relaGon with the University • 
Total University BSc Degrees in our Team: 36 Most on Chemical Engineering. MSc and PhD Advanced Degrees: 16 Percentage of Advanced Degrees: 44% BSc University Degrees 1. 
UNL: 11 2. 
UTN FRR and FRSF: 10 3. 
UBA: 5 4. 
Other (Sao Paulo, Mexico, Clarkson, Bogazici, Sarria, Idaho, Catalunya, Navarra): 10 MSc and PhD Advanced University Degrees 1. 
UNL: 5 2. 
UNS: 1 3. 
UNR: 1 4. 
UTN FRSF: 1 5. 
Campinas: 1 6. 
Other (MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Leigh, Catalunya, Mexico, Navarra): 7 Personnel with Advanced Degrees 1. 
David Nelson (BSc, MSc, Idaho -­‐ PhD, MIT) Derya Uzturk (BSc, MSc, Bogazici -­‐ PhD, Leigh) Carlos Ruiz (BSc, UTN-­‐FRR -­‐ MSc, PhD, UNS) Diego Ruiz (BSc, UTN-­‐FRR -­‐ PhD, Catalunya) Enrique Salomone (BSc, PhD, UNL) Pablo Montagna (BSc, PhD, UNL) – PhD completed while working at Soteica Visual MESA Fernan Serralunga (BSc, PhD, UNL) – PhD obtained while working at Soteica Visual MESA Leandro Coronel (BSc, PhD, UNL) Juan Ruiz (BSc, UTN-­‐FRR -­‐ MSc, PhD, Carnegie Mellon) – PhD completed on leave but going back to work with Soteica Visual MESA aAer finishing 10.  Lucas Nieto (BSc, UTN-­‐FRR -­‐ MSc, PhD fellow, UNR) 11.  Carlos Maya (BSc – MSc, Catalunya) – MSc completed while working at Soteica Visual MESA 12.  Noe Solórzano (BSc – MSc, Mexico) – MSc completed while working at Soteica Visual MESA 13.  Ignacio Gamba (BSc, PhD, UNL) 14.  Pablo Villareal (BSc, PhD, UTN-­‐FRSF) – PhD completed while working at Soteica Visual MESA 15.  Joan Sanroma (BSc, Sarria – MSc, Navarra) 16.  Florencia Cuneo (BSc, UNL – PhD, Campinas) Total Development and Engineering Team: 36 with University Degrees Percentage of Advanced Degrees: 44% Our working style •  Everybody works very independently and being self responsible, using digital resources –  Remote access to customers computers for modeling (project) and monitoring (sustainability services) –  Remote meeGngs with customers and working teams (i.e., webex, gotomeeGng, …) –  Shared InformaGon and Data using digital repositories (i.e., Gdrive, Dropbox,
…) –  Knowledge and experience sharing between ImplementaGon and Development Teams (i.e., test track applicaGons, lessons learned,…) •  The engineering team is geographically widespread and, although we have several convenGonal offices, many of them work from home. For example, we have engineers residing in and working from –  Buenos Aires, Rosario and Santa Fe (ArgenGna), Houston, Moscow (ID, USA) and AusGn (TX, USA), Barcelona (Spain), Sao Paulo and Maringá (through our agency in Brazil) and Istanbul (Turkey) Our working style •  For us, work is not anymore “a place” (a given office within certain hours, with a stable team, always same customers) •  Our work is understood as “a certain funcGon or role” to be performed, requiring flexibility and skills like: – 
Autonomy CreaGvity Results oriented attude Cultural diversity CollaboraGon Mobility Permanent learning, especially for new technologies assimilaGon capability •  Our Team is expected to be self-­‐learned, creaGve and able to share knowledge between its members Our working style •  A key to maintaining our team’s moGvaGon is to create a sGmulaGng and technically challenging working environment as well as a culture of self-­‐
responsibility, where everybody can exercise and contribute with their knowledge and specific skills •  Such a working environment is highly beneficial for both, our company and our customers, ensuring innovaGve and useful soeware is developed and projects are deployed with the highest quality standards Importance of the University •  Our company benefited from the local UniversiGes which are the main source of our workforce, including the advanced degrees •  Maintaining good liaisons with those UniversiGes that are located in the viciniGes of where our offices are, has also demonstrated to be very good for the company •  We expect the University will conGnue providing our future engineers the needed skills, which we already found in many of them, parGcularly in the recipients of advanced MSc and PhD degrees 
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