My Experience at the ISPOR 17th Annual International Meeting and

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My Experience at the ISPOR 17th Annual International Meeting and
Enriching Knowledge and Initiating the Practice of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research in Developing Countries
Mohamed H. Solayman, Assistant Lecturer, Clinical Pharmacy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
appreciated being awarded an ISPOR Meeting Travel Scholarship Award,
which gave me the opportunity to attend the ISPOR 17th Annual International
Meeting in Washington, DC, USA. I gained a great deal of technical and
professional experience many international connections.
from both of them. Also, the ISPOR Egyptian Regional Chapter meeting was
a great opportunity to meet the chapter advisors who are PhD candidates in
the USA. The round-table meeting made many things clear and added much
to our chapter as compared to just email and conference call communication.
I attended four short courses: CER Alongside Clinical Trials, Meta-analysis,
Network Meta-Analysis, and Utility Analysis. I enjoyed not only the rich
content, but also the way it was presented. The presenters were professional
and experienced. They used a good approach of presenting the theoretical
background and then the practical applications in the form of case studies,
guided discussion groups, and others.
Great memories that can never be forgotten are my poster presentation and talk
in this ISPOR meeting. The poster was, “Is Sildenafil-Apomorphine Sublingual
Combination Significantly More Effective than Sublingual Sildenafil for the
Treatment of Male Erectile Dysfunction?” and the talk title was, “Problems,
Pitfalls, and Pragmatics of Pharmacoeconomics: Lessons from the Egyptian
Experience,” which was a part of the African forum session.
I arranged my schedule to attend as many sessions (plenary sessions,
workshops, issue panels, and educational symposia) as possible. For the
overlapping sessions, it was difficult for me to select which one to attend,
but I finally picked one and was keen on collecting the material for others and
discussing it with the presenters or audience later.
After this great event, I now have a good deal of experience to transfer to
my colleagues and undergraduate/postgraduate students in Egypt through
workshops and seminars. I will work on implementing this experience to
the Egyptian pharmacy schools curricula. Meanwhile, I am planning to start
local pharmacoeconomic and outcomes research in Egypt and collaborative
research with regional and international colleagues I connected with during
the conference. In this way, we can improve the pharmacoeconomic and
outcomes research and practice both locally and globally.
I was invited to a number of meetings which were a great opportunity to
share my opinion and learn how others think and how to work with a team to
achieve a mutual goal. In an ISPOR task force group meeting, one of the points
we discussed was to translate a questionnaire to be more accessible to the
responder. I transferred this recommendation to both the Arabic and African
networks in our corresponding meetings and received a very positive response
Lastly, I would like to offer my special thanks to the ISPOR staff that did a
perfect job in making this event a success.
My Experience at the ISPOR 17th Annual International Meeting and its Importance
for Health Policy in Brazil
Kathiaja Miranda Souza, Pharmacist, Coordenação Geral de Avaliação de Tecnologias em Saúde (General Coordination of Health
Technology Assessment), Departamento de Ciência e Tecnologia- DECIT (Department of Science and Technology), Secretaria de
Ciência, Tecnologia e Insumos Estratégicos– SCTIE (Secretariat for Science, Technoloy and Strategic Input), Ministério da Saúde –
MS (Brazilian Ministry of Health), Belo Horizonte, Brazil
was very pleased and grateful to attend the ISPOR 17th Annual International
Meeting. It was an enriching experience that was made possible by the ISPOR
Meeting Travel Scholarship Award.
This was my first ISPOR event, after becoming an ISPOR member, and I was
impressed by the number of professionals from around the world. This meeting
made me realize the importance of knowledge diffusion and learn more about
pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.
Currently I work in the Ministry of Health of Brazil as a pharmacy consultant
to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). I conduct studies of Health
Technology Assessment for the Brazilian National Health System (SUS).
My participation in this important meeting was instrumental in bringing together
my knowledge, reaffirming my professional area, and scoping projects and
partnerships with other professionals and researchers.
16 Volume 18 Number 4 July/August 2012 ISPOR CONNECTIONS
I attended plenary sessions, forums, workshops and research sessions and
poster presentations. I am amazed by the diversity of topics discussed, the
work presented, and its importance in health decision making around the
The 5-day experience at the ISPOR 17th Annual International Meeting gave
me the ability to return to Brazil to start new projects and to more effectively
contribute to the health system in my country. In the Ministry of Health, I plan
to develop activities in HTA studies, applying the knowledge I learned at this
Finally, I would like to collaborate with ISPOR and other institutions involved
in Health Technology Assessment and become involved in the ISPOR Latin
America Regional Chapters. My goal is to contribute to improving the health of
the Brazilian population, based on my ISPOR experience.
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