How to get to Paineiras by car

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How to get to Paineiras by car
How to get to Paineiras by car If you decide to go to Paineiras by car we advise you aside some time to enjoy the place better. Besides visiting the Christ the Redeemer statue wander through Paineiras Road towards Sumaré, they are almost 5km of a twisting road through the forest belvederes with incredible views of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, Jockey Club and Ipanema and Leblon beaches, in addition to some waterfalls where permanent bathing is allowed. We suggest four options arrival at Paineiras, three rising by Cosme Velho and one through Alto da Boa Vista. By Cosme Velho In order to facilitate we are going to explain how to get to Cosme Velho coming from three different points of the city -­‐ Rodrigo de Freitas Lake (South Side), Long River (North Side) and Botafogo/Flamengo beaches, then follow the script Cosme Velho -­‐ Paineiras that serves for three origins. Coming from Rodrigo de Freitas Lake Get to the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake is easier for those who are on the beaches of South Side (Copacabana, Leblon, Ipanema) or even the Botanical Garden, follow the signs. When you get to Rodrigo de Freitas Lake go towards the tunnel Rebouças. It's so easy, any of the two directions leads to the tunnel, the Lake has 7.5 km and the back is always nice. For finding the tunnel entrance it's just locate the mountain where is the statue of Christ, Go through the tunnel Rebouças, you’re going to be in direction to Lake-­‐Rio Comprido, pass the 1st gallery and before entering the 2nd one exit to the right side, toward the Cosme Velho Coming from Rio Comprido (North Side) This path is for those people who coming from all districts of the North Side, Brazil Avenue, Niterói, Bus Station and Downtown. It is on the way of entry into the city towards the South Side. Go to the overpass Paulo de Frontin towards the tunnel Rebouças, Enter the tunnel and go through the two galleries to reach the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake. When you get to the Lake you’re going to have some options, Keep yourself to the left up to down the viaduct and reach the lake shore. Keep on your left and then take the return in order to go through the tunnel again, Now in the new direction, (This return is about 200m after going down the flyover) Go straigth ahead and go through the tunnel Rebouças, you’re going to be in direction to Lake -­‐ Rio Comprido, pass the 1st gallery and before entering the 2nd one exit to the right side, toward the Cosme Velho. Soon as going down on your right again turn right toward the two hillsides cobblestone (stone). Follow the script Cosme Velho – Paineiras. Coming from Botafogo/ Flamengo beach. If you are coming from Flamengo beach towards Botafogo / Copacabana you should go along the beach street next to buildings, no expressway known as Aterro do Flamengo. Go ahead towards Botafogo beach, when you get this you’re going to have to turn right at signs that say Laranjeiras or Largo do Machado or Palácio Guanabara Palace. You go to the Pinheiro Machado street. If you are coming from Botafogo beach you should take the road closest to the buildings and go up the overpass to the left toward Laranjeiras or Largo do Machado or Guanabara Palace. You’re going to continue the Pinheiro Machado street. In Pinheiro Machado Street you’re going to pass the Guanabara Palace on the left, then the field Fluminense and you’re going to arrive at an overpass, don't go up, keep yourself on your right. Pass alongside the viaduct and at the end of it, at signaling (or lights or traffic light) turn on your left following das Laranjeiras street. Go straight ahead for about 2km, slightly uphill towards the tunnel Rebouças. You’re going to pass the entrance to the Corcovado Train on your left, soon after, at about 200m you’re going to reach the Cosme Velho. on your right is the entrance to the tunnel, don't go, go ahead and go towards the two hillsides cobblestone (stone) .Follow the script Cosme Velho – Paineiras. Roadmap Cosme Velho – Paineiras Getting the Cosme Velho you will see two hillsides cobblestone separated by historic yellow building. The two hillsides leading to Corcovado, actually they rise separated by 1km and then join again. The right hillside is steeper and faster, if it is raining take the other one because it is very slippery. This hillside just follow the main road, the outputs are dead end streets with residences. At the end of this hillside you’ re going to see a small square, instead of going towards it turn 180 º to the right and keep going up. The hillside on your left is longer and less steep. She passes along houses and community Cerro-­‐
Corá, a peaceful community with many residents working in local tourism. At the end of some curves you reach the point where the two hillsides meet. Go to the cobblestone pathways, always going up and you’re going to reach Almirante Alexandrino street, the main street of the historic district of Santa Teresa, a street paved with a railroad for trams. Keep left at the direction of the plates Tijuca National Park/ Corcovado/ Silvestre.You should follow at about 400m down this road (beware of the bus because the road is narrow) and you're going to get to a fork, go at right and you're going to be in the Tijuca National Park. It's just go for 3.5 kilometres and reach the Paineiras. Go slowly and enjoy the local wildlife and vegetation, it is common to find small monkeys crossing the track. By Alto da Boa Vista. You can access the Paineiras coming from Barra da Tijuca, or Tijuca. By Barra Early into the Barra take the bridge toward Itanhangá. Follow the Itanhangá road up to the entrance of uphill to the right with signs indicating Tijuca/Alto da Boa Vista. This is the road to Furnas , go along it and go up. You are going to a long climb at about 3 km. When you pass a gas station on the right , go into the next street, also at the right, In this entry there is a sign indicating Paineiras. By Tijuca Go through Tijuca toward the Usina and go up the road to Furnas, signs indicate Alto da Boa Vista and Barra da Tijuca. It's a long ascent, more than 3 km and you are going to reach a square with signs indicating the entrance to the Parque Nacional da Tijuca / Cascatinha at the right. Do not enter (This is not the way to Paineiras , but if you have time it is worth, the place is beautiful with a large waterfall and lots of nature). Go for another 100m and turn left into a small street with a sign indicating Paineiras. Beware, the intersection is bustling. Now you are entering the Tijuca Forest and can go slowly enjoying the landscape and nature. Go past this road for about 3 or 4 miles and you are going to see a fork, go at the right, and it's just go for another 4.5 miles and arrive at Paineiras. 
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