Ginger: Uma Infra-estrutura Flexível para Grids Peer-to

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Ginger: Uma Infra-estrutura Flexível para Grids Peer-to
Research Grant
"Ginger: Uma Infra-estrutura Flexível para Grids Peer-to-Peer” (A Grid Infra-structure for Non-Grid Environments)
Ref. PTDC/EIA/73240/2006,
INESC-ID Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa, Portugal is one of the largest
and most dynamic research institutes in Portugal in the areas of communication and information technologies.
The following number and type of research grants are now available in project ("Ginger: Uma Infra-estrutura Flexível para Grids Peer-toPeer” - A Grid Infra-structure for Non-Grid Environments - Ref. PTDC/EIA/73240/2006), under the following conditions:
One grant for MSc holders “Bolsa de Investigação Mestre (BM)”, or
In alternative, at most two grants of type “Bolsa de Investigação Licenciados ou Bacharel (BI-BL)”, or
In alternative, at most four grants of type “Bolsa de Iniciação Científica (BIC)”,
according to experience, academic background, adequacy to the project area and theme, and level of commitment to the project of the
candidates considered admissible.
1. Duration of the activity
Until December 31st 2010, beginning in August 11th, under an exclusivity contract according to the FCT “Regulations for Advanced
Training and Qualification of Human Resources” and INESC-ID Lisboa grant regulations.
The candidates should declare their willingness to start or pursue their PhD or MSc thesis in the project’s theme and under the supervision
of the project coordinator.
2. Objectives / summary
To pursue research and technical activity to support the execution of distributed applications in cycle-sharing environments (namely over
peer-to-peer infra-structures), as defined in the project description, in particular, the grantees will develop their work on the following
Cycle-sharing in P2P overlays for simulation of P2P communication protocols
P2P-Clusters: dynamic creation of virtual clusters in cycle-sharing peer-to-peer networks
Consistency in shared-data: Vector-Field Consistency for real-time environments
Adaptation of BOINC framework for CPU and GPU cycle-sharing for image processing
3. Scientific supervision
The activity will be supervised by Professor Luís Veiga, Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, Computer Science and
Engineering Department, researcher at INESC-ID, and PI of the Ginger project. The students will be integrated at INESC-ID in the
Distributed Systems Group (www.gsd.inesc-id.pt).
4. Qualifications and Required education Level
The candidates should have MSc or BSc degrees in Computer Science and Engineering (or considered related subjects) or be near its
completion. Strong preference will be given to candidates with specific knowledge and experience in the themes covered by the project, in
particular taking into account the planned tasks, operating systems, distributed systems, peer-to-peer infrastructures, Grid and
virtualization technologies.
5. Evaluation criteria
Academic record of the candidate, adequacy of courses taken to the project themes, motivation letter. Applications will be evaluated by a
committee of INESC ID researchers.
6. Salary:
According to the values stipulated in the “Regulations for Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources” of FCT and INESC-ID
Lisboa Fellowship regulations approved by FCT.
7. Documents:
Detailed curriculum vitae; motivation letter; copy of academic study certificates; optionally name of two personal references.
8. Application Dates: from July 23th to August 9th 2010.
For further information and proposal submission, please contact:
Prof. Luís Veiga
e-mail: [email protected]
Rua Alves Redol, 9, sala 607
web: http://www.gsd.inesc-id.pt/~lveiga
1000-029 Lisboa
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