Urban health and the intra-urban indicators of the United Nations

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Urban health and the intra-urban indicators of the United Nations
Urban health and the intra-urban indicators of the United Nations
Development Program (UNDP): Three reports from Porto Alegre, Brazil
Maria Inês Azambuja, Ramona Fernanda Ceriotti Toassi, Roger dos Santos Rosa, João Henrique Godinho Kolling, Alzira Maria Baptista Lewgoy, Cristianne Famer Rocha
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a United Nations initiative signed by Brazil and other 192 countries, with a focus on investments in infrastructure and human development
in cities. It is expected that geo-referenced information on health and local development would favor local governance towards the promotion of more social equity. This poster
proposes to publicize the Atlas of Human Development (ADHM) of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched in 2014 and to evaluate the usefulness of its data
relative to the city of Porto Alegre (Brazil) for different audiences.
The UNDP atlas was presented in three activities developed by the Urban Health, Environment and Inequalities Program of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul to different
audiences: 1) community - Restinga neighborhood, 2) the academy - integrative discipline Integrated Health Practices I, and 3) the health service - Basic Health Unit Santa
It is necessary to match the catchment areas of services and those of the Atlas (UDH - Health Development Unit) for the implementation of impact assessments of intra-urban
investments in infrastructure and social development in health. The potential and limitations identified were discussed.
Figure 1: Correlation between the ratio of residents 18 and over with complete primary education and income average family
per capita in 335 UDHs Port o Alegre, Brazil
Figure 2: Association between average income per capita, infant mortality (blue) and longevity
(red) in 335 UDHs Porto Alegre, Brazil
Figure 3: Comparison between the area bounded by the UDH Vila Sossego (red line) and the actual Vila Sossego (in yellow),
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Figure 4: Image identifying villas on the slopes and on the hill, not included in the UDH Estrada dos Alpes,
Porto Alegre, Brazil
The use of intra-urban indicators of the UNDP Atlas has the potential to bring information of interest to local health services and the community.
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