Technology of Sugar and Alternative Products

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Technology of Sugar and Alternative Products
Nome da disciplina: Tecnologia do Açúcar e Produtos Alternativos (Technology of Sugar and
Alternative Products)
Coordenador(es): Maria Isabel Nunes Januário
Outros docentes: ?
Precedências requeridas:
Semestre pretendido (no caso da disciplina não ter semestre atribuído): 2º Semestre, 2º Ciclo.
Número e tipo de horas lectivas semanais: 5 h (2 x 2,5 h) /week; theoretical and theoreticianpractical lessons.
Sugar sector: european and world-wide framing.
2 weeks
Isabel Januário
Sugar quality criteria. Laboratorial analysis.
National and European legislation.
1 week
Isabel Januário
Technological processing of sugar cane and sugar
beet into sugar.
3 weeks
Isabel Januário
Main characteristics and valorization of the Byproducts from the technologies of processing
saccharin materials
1 week
Isabel Januário
Alcohol (ethanol) production in complement or in
alternative to the production of sugar from the
saccharin materials.
Alimentary and no alimentary uses of the alcohol.
3 weeks
Other vegetal sources of sugar(s) in alternative to the
conventional ones.
2 (3) weeks
Isabel Januário
2 weeks
Isabel Januário
Conventional sources of sugar (sucrose): types and
characteristics of the sources and of the produced
Isabel Januário
Sweeteners: natural (caloric and no caloric) and of
synthesis (intensive).
Properties of these products: edulcorante power and
other characteristics.
Use of the sugar and other natural or synthetic
sweeteners in the Food Industry.
Case studies.
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