Carta dos direitos e deveres

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Carta dos direitos e deveres
Any convinient comments, doubts
or suggestions, you should contact:
Direcção-Geral da Saúde
Alameda D. Afonso Henriques, 45
1049-005 Lisboa
Tel: 21 843 05 00
Consider the citizen in the first place as
the central element of the entire Health
Fax: 21 843 05 30
E-mail: [email protected]
Reaffirm the fundamental human rights
in health care, mainly by protecting the
dignity and human integrity as well as
the right to self-determination;
Promote the humanization in service
for all patients, especially to vulnerable groups;
The Rights
and the Duties
of the Users
Develop a good relationship between patients and health care providers and, above all, stimulate a
more active participation on the part
of the patients;
Provide and enhance opportunities
for dialogue between patient organisations, health care providers,
and the administration of health
institutions. (DGS)
Organized by the nursing students:
António Mendes
José Gomes
“Direitos e deveres dos utentes do Serviço Nacional
de Saúde” Available in: Diário da República, 1.ª série
— N.º 57 — 21 de março de 2014.
Direção Geral de Saúde “Carta dos direitos e deveres
do doentes” Available in URL: www.dgs.pt
Esmoriz, July 2014
The Rights of the
Right to confidentiality: health care professionals
are bound by the confidentiality of user data.
Right to information: users have the right to be
Right to choose: users have the right to
choose the services and health care providers, at the extent of existing resources.
Right to consent or refusal: the consent or
the refusal of the health care provision must
be freely and clearly stated, unless special
provision of the law, and the consent may be
revoked at any time.
Right to adequate health care: users are
entitled to promptly receive the health care
they need, this being the most suitable and
technically the most correct.
Right to personal data and protection of
privacy: users are entitled to access their
personal information collected and may require rectification of inaccurate information.
informed about their situation, treatment alterna-
The Duties of the
The user of health services must respect
tives and possible evolution of their health condi-
the rights of other users, as well as the
tion, in an accessible, objective, complete and in-
health professionals .
telligible way.
The user of the health services must re-
Right to complaints: users have the right to com-
spect the rules of organization and func-
plain in health establishments, as well as receive
tioning of services in health establish-
compensation for harm suffered. They must do so
in the book of complaints, which is mandatory at
The user of health services should col-
health services.
laborate with health professionals in all
Right of Association: users have the right to con-
aspects related to her/his situation.
stitute entities that represent and defend their inter-
The user of health services should pay
ests, as well as entities that collaborate with the
the costs arising from the provision of
health system.
health care, when appropriate.
Minors and Incapable: the law should provide for
the conditions under which the legal representatives of minors and incapable may exercise the
rights they fit, namely to refuse assistance, according to the constitutional principles.
“Direitos e deveres dos utentes do Serviço
Nacional de Saúde” Available in: Diário da
República, 1.ª série — N.º 57 — 21 de março
de 2014.
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