Beacon of Hope - Creche Amadeu Barros Leal

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Beacon of Hope - Creche Amadeu Barros Leal
Beacon of Hope:
Three Aspects of Brazilian Life
An Exhibition of Photographs from
North Eastern Brazil by
Trish Gant
Trish Gant
Having been in Commercial Photography in London for over ten years, Trish has had many varied commissions for Design Groups, Mail
Order companies and Government Bodies.
‘Beacon of Hope’ is a departure from her usual work and a project very close to her heart.
‘Visiting Brazil was a complete eye-opener for me. It’s a land of extremes. What impressed me was the Brazilian sense of
community and refusal to give up in the face of adversity. The Crèche Amadeu Barros Leal illustrates the good work which
often goes ignored. I felt the pictures had to be seen and the Opening for the Centre for Brazilian studies was the perfect
Trish Gant can be contacted on: Tel/Fax 00 44 0208-943-9925
Alda Miranda
Master of Laws
Alda came to England in 1995 with a scholarship from the British Council to study her Masters Degree in Public International Law.
Previously she had worked as a Legal Aid Advisor for the Ministry of Justice and a Lecturer in Laws at the Lutheran University in the State
of Para , Amazon, Brazil .
Alda felt a strong responsibility to promote her country while in England . Alda and Trish met through a mutual friend deciding to travel
together to Brazil. Having specialised in Human Rights, she had always looked for a way to get involved in social issues . Gant’s
journalistic style seemed the ideal way to promote a unique project involving the rights of women in prison: Crèche Amadeu Barros Leal,
whose founder is Alda’s close associate. Nowadays she is working as a volunteer at CHANGE, a women’s rights organisation with
consultative status with United Nations, based in London.
Alda can be contacted on: Phone 00 44 0208-746-1423
E-Mail: [email protected]
Dr. César Barros Leal
Founder of the Crèche Amadeu Barros Leal, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
A unique project aiming to reduce the misery of overcrowding in women’s prisons and deal with its resulting problems. The crèche is a
non-profiting making organisation administered with the support of the community, making it possible to employ teachers and child
minders. It is purely to house children who are born in prison or who are living their mothers’ sentences with them. It is the only crèche
outside a prison building which does not belong to the penal system. This way it remains independent. Lately, it has been catering for 30
youngsters up to 6 years of age.
Dr. César Barros Leal is a State Attorney and Master of Laws at the Federal University of Ceará
He is a titular member of the National Council of Criminal and Penitentiary Policy and Scientific Adviser of the Latin American Institute of
the United Nations for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of offenders (ILANUD).
César can be contacted on : Phone 00 55 85-234-7757
Fax: + 234 3292
E-Mail:[email protected]
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