Computer Vision

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Computer Vision
Computer Vision
UCT2 – Information Technologies
MAP-I Doctoral Programme
Miguel Tavares Coimbra (Principal Instructor), FC, UP
Adérito Fernandes Marcos, DSI, UM
Cristina Manuela Peixoto dos Santos, DEI, UM
João Paulo Silva Cunha, DETI, UA
Manuel João Oliveira Ferreira, DEI, UM
Computer Vision
“The goal of Computer Vision is to make useful decisions
about real physical objects and scenes based on sensed
Shapiro and Stockman, “Computer Vision”, 2001
Course Objectives
Provide the students with a core-set of
mathematical tools, useful for most Computer
Vision challenges.
Give generic introductions to selected topics in
Provide students with enough material for a
deeper exploration of each topic.
Help the student develop rigorous research and
development methodologies.
Course Programme
Chapter I - Image and Video Processing
Definitions, Low-level feature extraction, Image pre-processing,
Motion analysis.
Chapter II - Image Segmentation
Basic methods, Segmentation by clustering, Segmentation by
Chapter III – Pattern Recognition
Fundamentals, Generic pattern recognition techniques, Pattern
recognition for computer vision.
Chapter IV – Selected Topics
Geometry and 3D reconstruction, Content-based image retrieval,
Medical imaging.
Who are we? – Adérito Fernandes Marcos
1997 – 92: BEng in Comp. Eng. at FCT/UNL.
1992 – 97: PhD in Computer Graphics., Fraunhofer IGD,
Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany.
Professional activity:
1997 – 99: Dept. Head., Computer Graphics Center,
Coimbra, Portugal.
- 1999 - 2005: Executive Director, Computer Graphics Center,
Guimarães, Portugal
- 2000 - …: Assistant Professor of the Dep. of Information Systems,
School of Engineering of the University of Minho.
Selected Scientific Indicators:
28 Publications (4 IEEE Trans.; 3 Elsevier Sc.), 2 international awards,
reviewer & special editor of 2 top scientific journals, reviewer of 10 top
scientific events. Co-founder of two series of international scientific
events; evaluator of european projects (currently 3); 4 PhDs supervised.
12 years of experience in Computer Graphics.
Who are we? – Cristina Manuela Peixoto dos Santos
- Education
1989 – 94: BEng in Industrial Elects. Eng. at UM.
1994 – 98: MsC in Industrial Elecs. Eng., at UM.
1998 – 2003: PhD in Industrial Elecs., robotics at UM.
- Current professional activity:
2006 - ... : Assistant Professor of the Industrial Electronics Dep.,
Engineering School of the University of Minho.
- Selected Scientific Indicators:
26 Publications (4 journals), Reviewer for 1 top scientific journal
and several top conferences.
- 10 years of experience in Robotics.
- Collaboration with BIRG in EPFL, Lausanne.
Who are we? – João Paulo Silva Cunha
João Paulo Silva Cunha, is Associate Professor at the Dep. of
Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of the
University of Aveiro, Portugal and visiting professor at the
University of Munich, Germany.
He is the creator (1997) and leader of the “Healthcare
Information and systems” R&D group of IEETA
(http://www.ieeta.pt/sias) where he has currently 17 co-workers
of which several PhD and MSc students.
He is/was principal researcher of more than 10 projects funded
by different R&D agencies in the area of biosignal and medical
multimedia data processing.
He has been a researcher in several European projects such as:
Dr. Cunha is the co-author of more than 120 publications. In the
last five years, he has published 3 book chapters and 11 papers
in scientific journals.
Who are we? – Manuel João Oliveira Ferreira
- Education
1987 – 92: BEng in Elec. and Telec. Eng. at U. Aveiro
1995 – 96: MSc in Industrial Informatics at U. Minho
1998 – 04: PhD in Industrial Informatics at U. Minho
- Current professional activity:
2004 - ... : Assistant Professor of the Industrial Electronics Dep.
of the University of Minho.
- Selected Scientific Indicators:
15 Publications (journals, books, conference proceedings)
- 14 years of experience in developing Industrial
inspection systems based on Computer Vision.
Who are we? – Miguel Tavares Coimbra
- Education
1993 – 98: BEng in Elec. and Comp. Eng. at FEUP.
1999 – 04: PhD in Elec. Eng., Queen Mary,
University of London, UK.
2005 – 06: Post-Doc studies at IEETA, U. Aveiro.
- Current professional activity:
2006 - ... : Assistant Professor of the Computer Science Dep.,
Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto.
- Selected Scientific Indicators:
18 Publications (3 IEEE Transactions), 1 Patent, Reviewer for 5
top scientific journals.
- 8 years of experience in Computer Vision.
Miguel Tavares Coimbra
Computer Science Department
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto
Rua Campo Alegre, 1021/1055
4169 - 007 Porto
[email protected]
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