The path to the podium passes through Espírito Santo - SETUR-ES

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The path to the podium passes through Espírito Santo - SETUR-ES
The path to the
podium passes
through Espírito Santo
Photograph: Setur / Sagrilo
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Panoramic view of the City of Vitória - State of Espírito Santo
Governor of the State of Espírito Santo
Renato Casagrande
Lieutenant Governor of the State of Espírito Santo
Givaldo Vieira
State Secretary of Sports and Leisure
Vandinho Leite
State Secretary of Tourism
Alexandre Passos
State Secretary of Communications
Ronaldo Carneiro
State Under-Secretary of Sports and Leisure
Renato Oliveira
State Under-Secretary of Administrative Affairs
Anderson Falcão
Advisor of Strategic Affairs
Wallace Nascimento Valente
Advisor of Strategic Affairs
Rodrigo Wernersbach Ronchi
Advisor of Communications
Júnior Costa
Editing of Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Project Coordination
Aquatro Comunicação e Marketing
Editorial coordination, writingandrevision
Companhia de Comunicação
Graphic design and desktop publishing
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Photograph: Setur / Sagrilo
Costa Beach, City of Vila Velha,
Espírito Santo
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
An encounter with
the future
Renato Casagrande
Governor of the State of Espírito Santo
We are very optimistic about the possibility of receiving, in our State, one or more
delegations from countries that will participate in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro
in 2016. To that end, besides our efforts, we count on a number of factors, such as the
proximity of the host city, certain regional geographic characteristics, and the tradition
of warm hospitality of our people, which make Espírito Santo not only a feasible base
but also extremely attractive to teams from other countries.
It is an opportunity which cannot be missed to stimulate the development of high
performance sports within the regions of Espírito Santo and, at the same time, to disseminate the singularity as well as the combination of attractions and touristic facilities
of our State. After all, because they are sports event on the global stage, the Olympic
Games are closely watched by the world media, which endeavors to reflect the reality of
the country and, more especially, the regions chosen to welcome the different delegations.
However, this event, which involves thousands of athletes and the most compe-
tent sports teams of the world, is more than just an opportunity. It is also an enormous
challenge to our capacity to mobilize and organize. And I have no doubt whatsoever
that we can count on the enthusiasm, the dedication, and the intelligence of the local
sportsmen, the citizens, the press, the municipal managers, and the whole of private
initiative, so that all the objectives of this phase of the habilitation and the preparation
of our State to welcome the foreign delegations will be accomplished.
We have already mobilized resources, seeking out partnerships in society and work-
ing to guarantee the necessary infra-structure and offer of services of the very highest
quality. It is thus that we will make our encounter with the future a reality in 2016. And
it is thus that the people of the State of Espírito Santo – which takes great pride in having welcomed immigrants from every corner of the world for centuries – will be able to
reaffirm the Universalist vision that distinguishes our culture, and the undeniable historic
vocation of our territory as a fraternal space open to the world.
Sporting legacy
Vandinho Leite
State Secretary of Sports and Leisure
Welcome to Espírito Santo. The land of miscegenation. The land of all peoples who
come here to live in peace, harmony, and prosperity. Presenting our State to you is more
than our objective; it is an obligation. It is the obligation to offer better, welcome better, and certainly better accommodate your delegation to the Olympic Games and the
Para-Olympic Games of Rio 2016.
Information on sports, tourism, culture, and economy can be found in this Guide
to Espírito Santo 2016. They are details which will approach you to the sought after
perfection for the pre-Games training period, which is to say, sports facilities approved
by the Rio 2016 Olympic and Para-Olympic Games Committee, proximity to the City of
Rio de Janeiro, and a similar climate.
In this Guide, we present diverse training locales already selected by the Rio
2016Olympic and Para-Olympic Games Committee, taking into account a considerable
number of modalities. All of the sports locales are in regions with the same average
climatic temperatures as the host-city of the Games. All that just a 45-minute plane ride
away. You couldn´t possibly have better acclimatization!
None of the potential factors mentioned above –equipment, geographic position,
and climate – would be of any use to you without the unconditional support of the
Government of the State of Espírito Santo for this project. More than the preparation to
welcome you, this commitment of our State Government consists of investments in the
order of R$ 150 million directed to the sportive infra-structure, made directly available
for pre-Games utilization, and destined to be a legacy made available to our population.
Furthermore, being a part of the preparations for the Olympics is the certainty of a
legacy that will be offered to future generations of our State and of our Country. Welcoming you to our home will be an even greater privilege. It is not just about a sportive effort
but, rather, a commitment to the Olympic spirit to unite peoples and a reaffirmation
of our premise for 2016, to wit, that “the path to the podium passes through Espírito
Sportive regards!
2016 State of Espirito Santo Committee
Contact: Vandinho Leite, Secretary of Sports and Leisure
Telephones: 55 – 27 – 3137-9354 and 55 – 27 – 9969.0681
E-mail: [email protected]
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Welcome to Espírito Santo
A step to
the podium
Ideal for those seeking for great infra-
structure and tranquility for their delegation,
the State of Espírito Santo, in addition to modern sports centers adapted to the necessities
of the teams, also has great leisure programs
and wonderful business opportunities. It is a
State where nature has been very generous.
The proximity to Rio de Janeiro and other
economic and touristic centers of Brazil, as
well as geographic variety, which include
contrasts in temperature and landscape
that few regions of the world have, are the
distinguishing characteristics of Espírito Santo.
All of that in one of the fastest eco-
nomically growing States in the country.
With sports facilities prepared to welcome
the delegations that will participate in the
2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, the State is
preparing itself to also be a new center for
Photograph: Setur / Sagrilo
the preparation of high performance athletes.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Aerial distance from Rio de
Janeiro to Vitória: 413 kilometers
Flight time: 45 minutes
The capacity to invest
Espírito Santo is one of the fastest eco-
of Rio 2016.
nomically growing Brazilian States, well
above the national average. Its beaches,
population is the fifth largest in Brazil, the
mountains, and culture – formed from tra-
result of a modern and dynamic economy.
ditions inherited from Brazilian Indians,
Vitória has the highest among the Brazilian
Blacks, and Europeans, especially Italians,
capital cities (R$ 71 thousand). The economic
Germans, and Portuguese – highlight the
growth of the State guarantees investments
wealth of this State, abundant in touristic
in areas considered essential, such as educa-
options, leisure, and business.
tion, health, public safety, and sports.
Located in the Southeastern Region,
The GDP per capita of the State´s
This scenario, enriched by the discovery
which is responsible for 56.4% of the national
of gigantic petroleum reserves – Espírito
Gross Domestic Product, the State of Espírito
Santo is the second largest producer of
Santo covers 46 thousand square kilometers,
the country – and with the potential of
divided into 78 municipalities, accommo-
agribusiness and the quarrying and process-
dating 3,514,952 inhabitants. The City of
ing of ornamental stones, stimulates large
Vitória, 450 years old, is its capital. Another
companies to increase their investments in
six municipalities form the Metropolitan
the State.
Region of Greater Vitória, which possesses
the sports centers prepared to welcome
tential, which, in a sustainable manner, has
the delegations that will participate in the
attracted increasingly more tourists with
Olympic Games and Para-Olympic Games
greater power of acquisition.
To all of this, we add the touristic po-
Guide to Island
2016- Espírito
11 Santo
Espírito Santo
The Government of the State of Espírito
portunities, principally for those who live at
Santo contributes to the improvement of the
social risk. With this in mind, the State invests
quality of life and to the social development
in activities focusing on social sports as an
of the population of the State, investing in
instrument of inclusion; on educational sports
public policies of inclusion to sports and en-
as a complement to school activities; on high
couraging basic as well as high performance
performance sports with training centers;
and on recreational and leisure sports as a
Allied to education, sports offers op-
means to generate physical well-being.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Photograph: Arquivo Sesport
The formation of athletes
and infra-structure
A sports center focusing the formation
thousand persons per day. The investment
of high performance athletes is another
of the Government of the State of Espírito
great investment of the Government of
Santo strives for the ongoing training of
the State of Espírito Santo. It will be ready
athletes to participate in the Pan-American,
to welcome Olympic and Para-Olympic
Olympic, and Para-Olympic competitions.
teams in preparation for the 2016 Games
to be held in Rio de Janeiro. The “Jayme
ceived investments of the Government of
Navarro de Carvalho” Training Center is
the State of Espírito Santo is the “Kleber
the result of a partnership between the
Andrade” State Stadium. The complex is
state administration and the Ministry of
undergoing reforms to become a center
of excellence in the formation of athletes
With a modern management concept,
and to accommodate delegations during
the State Secretariat of Sports and Leisure
training periods. There are more than 85
(SESPORT, in its Portuguese initials), has
thousand square meters of area, with
implemented programs, projects, and part-
multi-sports courts integrated to nature,
nerships that afford sportive, educational,
respecting the concept of sustainability.
technical, medical, therapeutic, nutritional,
psychological, as well as social support for
Carvalho” Training Center and the “Kleber
the development of high performance.
Andrade” Stadium, the Government of the
The Center will possess the capacity to
State of Espírito Santo has invested in yet
offer services of outstanding quality to one
another 150 sports infra-structure works.
Another sports complex that has re-
In addition to the “Jayme Navarro de
Social Inclusion
When it comes to sports as a means of
up. Another forty will soon be established.
inclusion, Espírito Santo has implemented
The objective is to reach the whole State.
the “Sports for Peace” Project, whose chal-
The project is developed in partnership with
lenge it is to bring the practice of sports,
public and private institutions, involving
with responsibility, to children and adoles-
high performance athletes who give classes.
cents between the ages of 6 and 17 living at
social risk. Twenty regions of Greater Vitória,
tention of pedagogues and coordinators,
with the highest rate of social vulnerability,
whose objective it is to reduce crime rates,
well receive 400 nuclei of theproject.
violence, and the use of drugs. We estimate
Twenty of them have already been es-
that each nucleus will attend 200 children
tablished and are currently signing students
and adolescents in diverse modalities. This
Each region receives the special at-
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
same concept is present in the “Sports for
Future”, the reason for which 22 thousand
Peace – Second Half” Project, with another
children and adolescents between the ages
150 nuclei throughout the State.
of 6 and 17 now practice sports in 165 nuclei
Another project that involves sports
in the 78 municipalities of the State. Imple-
and education is the “Champions of the
mented in 2008, the project has grown.
High Performance
The high performance athletes and
available for 143 sports events, benefiting
para-athletes have the support of the Gov-
557 athletes and para-athletes. In 2012, two
ernment of the State of Espírito Santo in
thousand airline tickets will be supplied.
the supply of airline tickets to represent
the State in national and international
the Athlete Sponsorship contributes to
competitions. It is the High Performance
covering sports expenses in three cate-
Sports Incentive Program (Compete ES). It
gories: Student Athlete Sponsorship, Na-
was initiated in 2010 at which time it ben-
tional Athlete Sponsorship, and Interna-
efited 342 athletes. In the following year,
tional Athlete Sponsorship. Ten athletes
another 1,860 airline tickets were made
each receive R$ 2 thousand per month.
Photograph: Divulgação Iate Clube do ES
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
And since we are on the subject,
Training Centers
Twelve sports facilities, in Greater
Vitória, are ready for the training for athletes
and para-athletes of foreign delegations for
the pre-Games period of Rio 2016. Nine of
them have already been approved by the
2016 Olympic Games and Para-Olympic
Games Organizing Committee. Three of
them consist of new options that Espírito
Santo has made available to the delegations.
In all of them, athletes can count
on the infra-structure necessary to their
preparation. There are multi-sports courts,
gymnasiums, soccer fields, athletic tracks,
swimming pools, and areas for the practice
of marksmanship, archery, rowing, and
A considerable part of these areas are
part of the culture of the State, since they
are already installed in clubs and squares.
Another part is being increased and undergoing construction, aiming for the training
of future champions.
Take a moment to get to know the
places ready.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Associação Esportiva e Recreativa Tubarão (AERT)
[Tubarão Sports and Recreation Association, in
Address: Rua Castelo Branco, Nossa Senhora de Fátima, City of Serra - Espírito Santo
Constructed in 1980, it possesses on
titions in the State of Espírito Santo. It has
180 thousand square meters with a large
already received sports delegations from
reserve of green area, in the Municipality of
other States in periods of preparation for
Serra, metropolitan region of Greater Vitória.
state championships.
The president and vice-president of the
In January 2077, for example, the ath-
Executive Council of AERT are nominated by
letes of the Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas
the Vale S.A. Company, but the association
(Soccer and Regatta Botafogo Club), one of
has independent management.
the most traditional clubs of the country,
situated in Rio de Janeiro, began preparing
It has a great tradition in the area of
for that year´s season training at AERT.
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
sports, having participated in great compe-
Support Structure
w Room for meetings and conferences
w Two tennis courts (clay-gravel)
w Academy for body-building and gymnastics
w Three professional soccer fields
w Areas for the installation of recovery rooms
w Arena soccer field with turf
for athletes
w Two arena soccer fields with natural grass
w Dry and steam saunas
w Parking lot on the premises
Ready Sport Modality
Areas for the Practice of Sports
w Soccer
w Two swimming pools
w Sand court
w Multi-sports court
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Facilities ready to receive Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes.
Controlled access and security personnel on the premises.
“Jayme Navarro de Carvalho” Sports
Address: Rua Schwab Filho, District of Bento
Ferreira, Vitória - ES
The first sports complex of Brazil, con-
structed in partnership with the Ministry of
Sports, dedicated to the formation of high
performance athletes for the 2016 Rio de
Janeiro Olympic Games and Para-Olympic
Games. We expect to attend nearly two
thousand persons per day.
The Training Center is being reformed
and increased. Its physical structure will possess four gymnasiums – two multi-sports
and two equipped to receive fight teams
and gymnasts – two beach volley-ball
courts, an aquatic center, and an auditorium.
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
The center has been so named in due
ties. For this reason, he was considered a
homage to the athlete Jayme Navarro, a
‘wild-card’ in the State´s sports. His name
rower between 1947 and 1958, who tried
also figures on Municipal Law 8.058/2010
his hand at various other sports modali-
which encourages sportsmen in Vitória.
Support Structure
w Room for fitness and body-building
w “Audifax Barreto” Gymnasium
w Room for first aid
w “Jayme Navarro de Carvalho” Gymnasium
w Room for medical assistance
w Fights gymnasium
w Room for physiotherapy and massage
w Swimming pool
w Room for meetings and talks
w Beach volley-ball courts
w Private room for delegation Management
w Cafeteria with beverages and snacks throughout the day
w Room for multi-media with video projectors,
sound equipment and other equipment
w Room for rest and relaxation
w Private parking lot
Ready Sport Modality
w Rhythmic and artistic gymnastics
w Badminton
w Handball, basketball, volley-ball
w Swimming, synchronized swimming, water
w Area for storage of sports equipment
w Judo, Tae Kwon Do
w Ambulance access to training area
w Beach volley-ball
Areas for the Practice of Sports
w Gymnasium for rhythmic and artistic gymnastics
Facilities ready to receive Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes.
Controlled access and security personnel on the premises.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
“Álvares Cabral” Swimming and Regatta Club
Address: Av. Marechal Mascarenhas de
Moraes, 2100, Bento Ferreira, Vitória - ES
A traditional club of Espírito Santo, with
110 years’ worth of history and sports tradition, it is responsible for having revealed
important names in rowing, volley-ball, and
swimming in Espírito Santo. It possesses a
multi-sports gymnasium, Swimming pool
sports courts.
The Club stands out in rowing, swim-
ming, volley-ball, basketball, tennis, and
futsal,and participates in regional and national competitions.
Among the athletes who have prac-
ticed at the Club and have since attained
national and international renown are
Volley-ball Olympic Medalist Fábio Luz
Photograph: Divulgação Clube Álvares Cabral
50m, soccer fields, tennis courts, and multi-
(Silver Medalist, Peking), the Champion of
Cerutti, and the South American Student
the World Circuit of the same sports, Alison
Swimming Champion, Rafaeli Coutinho.
Support Structure
w Room for multi-media
w Six tennis courts (clay-gravel)
w Room for video
w Three arena soccer courts
w Room for meetings and conferences
w Center for boat rowing training
w Academy for body-building
w Center for training marksmanship
w Areas for the installation of recovery rooms
w Beach volley-ball court
for athletes
w Dry and steam saunas
w Multi-sports courts
w Three boccie courts
w Medical department
w Track measuring 1,000 meters for walking,
running and other physical activities
Ready Sport Modality
w Beach volley-ball
w Restaurant
w Tennis
w Cafeteria
w Swimming
w Parking lot on the premises
w Rowing
w Shooting sports
Areas for the Practice of Sports
w Multi-sports gymnasium
w Aquatic center with swimming pool 25m
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Facilities ready to receive Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes.
Controlled access and security personnel on the premises.
Clube Italo Brasileiro (Italian Brazilian Club)
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
Address: Rua Renato Nascimento Daher Carneiro, 1036, Ilha do Boi, Vitória - ES
Established by Italian descendants on
district known as Ilha do Boi, with an ample
May 13th, 1968, the Clube Italo Brasileiro
view of the sea and access to the beach.
possesses 27 thousand square meters total
area, comprised of a large sports square,
encouraged, held, and participated in
swimming pools, sauna, bar, restaurant,
regional and national sports Champion-
beach, and halls for parties and events.
ships, organized by federations and sports
It is located in a privileged area, in the
Since it was established, the club has
Support Structure
Areas for the Practice of Sports
w Academy for body-building, pilates, and gym-
w Multi-sports gymnasium
w Field for Soccer 7
w Dry and steam saunas
w Two tennis courts (clay-gravel)
w Jacuzzis
w Swimming pool 25m
w Rooms for massage
w Heated swimming pool for hydro-gymnastics
w Restaurant
w Three acclimatized halls
w Cafeteria
w Complete buffet service
Ready Sport Modality
w Business center
w Tennis (clay-gravel)
w Parking lot on the premises
Facilities ready to receive Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes.
Controlled access and security personnel on the premises.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
“Kleber Andrade” State Stadium
Address: BR 262, km 3,5 District of Rio Branco, Cariacica - ES
Sports Tradition
Sports complex currently undergoing
The “Kleber Andrade” Stadium was con-
expansion to become a center of excellence
structed by the Rio Branco Athletic Club (Rio
in the formation of athletes and to welcome
BrancoAtléticoClube, in Portuguese) and
delegations during training periods for the
inaugurated in 1983. Three years later, it
Rio 2016 Games.
registered its largest turnout: 32 thousand
It possesses more than 85 thousand
ticket holders for the game between the Rio
square meters in area, and has multi-sports
Branco and Vasco da Gama soccer teams for
courts integrated to nature, respecting the
the Brazilian Championship A Series.
concept of sustainability. It is a ‘green sta-
dium’, with a seating capacity of up to 26
ernment of the State of Espírito Santo and
thousand persons, divided into two large
received a new project, transforming it into
segments: stage and acoustic shell, for multi-
the most modern multi-use sports arena in
cultural events, and athletic track and official
the State, equipped with ramps and elevators
soccer field.
to attend people with physical disabilities.
Support Structure
Area for the Practice of Sports
w Room for fitness and body-building
w Soccer field
w Room for first aid
w Athletics track
In 2008, it was acquired by the Gov-
w Room for medical assistance
w Room for physiotherapy
Ready Sport Modality
w Equipped academy
w Soccer
w Room for meetings and talks
w Rugby
w Cafeteria with beverages and snacks through-
w Athletics
out the day
w Room for multi-media
w Room for recuperation
w Private parking lot
w Ambulance access to training area
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Facilities ready to receive Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes.
Controlled access and security personnel on the premises.
“Jones dos Santos Neves” Gymnasium
Address: Rua Coronel Schwab Filho, Bento Ferreira, Vitória - ES
Multi-sports gymnasium which hosts
as the classifications for the Kickboxing
school games of diverse modalities, rep-
World Championship in 2011.
resenting both private schools as well as
State and Municipal schools. It also hosts
are basketball, volley-ball, futsal and hand-
national and world championships, such
Support Structure
Ready Sport Modality
w Room for meetings
w Volley-ball
w Private room for delegation Management
w Basketball
w Storage area for sports equipment
w Handball
The most practiced modalities here
w Possibility for exclusive use of sports equipment by the Committee
w Cafeteria
Area for the Practice of Sports
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
w Multi-sports court
Facilities ready to receive Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes.
Controlled access and security personnel on the premises.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Espírito Santo Yachting Club
Address: Praça do Iate, 200, Canto Beach, Vitória - ES
Traditional in Vitória, the Espírito Santo
The Club stands out because of the
Steel Course Regatta and the pre-Olympic
nautical sports. Among the competitions
Sailboat, which classified Brazilian yachts-
held here is the Eldorado Brasilis Boat Race,
men for the Olympic Games in Sydney
which took sailboats on a course to Trindade
(Australia). The Marina offers the infra-
Island. It was the all-time largest sailing
structure required for boats, motor-boats,
competition of the State and took place
jet skis, and other kinds of vessels, as well as
in January 2008. Considering the course, it
areas for the practice of volley-ball, squash,
was also one of the largest in Latin America.
futsal, basketball, and swimming.
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
Yachting Club promotes and encourages
Support Structure
w Room for multi-media
w Squash court
w Room for meetings and conferences
w Marina
w Dry and steam sauna
w Structure for boats and other vessels
Ready Sport Modality
w Restaurant
w Sailing
w Parking lot on the premises
Area for the Practice of Sports
w Swimming pool
w Volley-ball court
w Basketball court
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Facilities ready to receive Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes.
Controlled access and security personnel on the premises.
Serra Knowledge Center (Estação Conhecimento
Serra,in Portuguese)
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
Address: Av. Meridional, Cidade Continental (Europa Sector), Serra - ES
The Serra Knowledge Center (Esta-
culture, professional training, and the
ção Conhecimento Serra, in Portuguese), a
generation of employment and income.
project developed in partnership with Vale,
the Vale Foundation, and the Mayor´s
of athletics, and have an eight lane track.
Office of Serra is a social organization of
The local para-athlete Daniel Mendes, who
the third sector (OSCIP), created in 2009
holds the world record for 400 meters in his
for the express purpose of promoting the
category, trains at the Knowledge Center.
integrated development of the individual
Access is facilitated by its proximity to the
and the community by means of sports,
Vitória Airport, merely 10 kilometers away.
Support Structure
Areas for the Practice of Sports
w Room for multi-media
w Official athletics track with eight lanes
w Room for meetings and conferences
w Swimming pool 25m
w Computer laboratory
w Official soccer field
The facilities are ready for the practice
w Room for first aid
w Room for physiotherapy and massage
Ready Sport Modality
w Room for rest and relaxation
w Athletics
w Storage area for sports equipment
w Private room for delegation Management
w Parking lot on the premises
w Ambulance access to training area
w Industrial kitchen and cafeteria
Facilities ready to receive Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes.
Controlled access and security personnel on the premises.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Federal UniversityofEspírito Santo (Universidade
Federal do Espírito Santo, in Portuguese)
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
Address: Av. Fernando Ferrari, 514, Campus Universitário, Vitória - ES
The most respected and one of the most
The University has hosted important na-
traditional educational institutions of the State,
tional and international competitions. Among
the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES),
them, we can make mention of the national
has a strong bond to regional sports. It holds
Water Polo competition in 2000; the Men´s
competitions in its sports park, which includes
and Women´s National Handball League
a privileged area for the practice of archery.
games in 2006 and 2007; the national Rhythmic
The Center for Physical Education and
Gymnastics competition in 2007 and 2008;
Sports of the University (CEFD, in its Portuguese
and the exchange between State athletes
initials) has the oldest Physical Education
and the Italian Archery team in 2005.
course in Brazil. Throughout its more than
80 years of existence, its contribution to the
and competitions with the special participation
preparation of sportsmen in the State has
of Fernando Chagas, member of the Brazilian
been considerable.
Para-Olympic Archery team, Standing class.
Support Structure
Areas for the Practice of Sports
w Room for multi-media
w Swimming pool
w Room for meetings and conferences
w Multi-sports gymnasium
w Room for fitness and body-building
w Multi-sports courts
w Room for first aid
w Area for archery
w Room for medical assistance
w Multi-use rooms for such modalities as fenc-
w Room for physiotherapy and massage
Currently, the UFES holds archery training
ing, table tennis, badminton, and fights
w Room for rest and relaxation
w Storage area for sports equipment
Ready Sport Modality
w Possibility for exclusive use of sports equip-
w Archery
ment by the Committee
w Cafeteria
w Parking lot on the premises
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Facilities ready to receive Olympic and Para-Olympic athletes.
Controlled access and security personnel on the premises.
Riviera Sports and Cultural Arena (Arena Esportiva
e Cultural Riviera, in Portuguese)
Optional facility
Address: Rua Mato Grosso, 266, Jacaraípe, Serra - ES
It is an area dedicated to the practice
To reduce the impact on athletes´
of sports of diverse modalities, result of a
joints during falls and leaps, the floor of the
partnership between the Government of
court will be flexible, made of polyurethane,
the State of Espírito Santo and the Ministry
composed of grounded rubber, and seam-
of Sports. The area is currently under re-
less, with self-leveling resins.
form. There will be 5,812.65 square meters
of constructed area, distributed in three
3,153 persons and an auditorium, with wider
seats for the obese and areas for those using
It will have a multi-sports court which
wheel-chairs. The traditional Riviera Club
will allow the realization of national and
functioned on the spot, site of championships
international competitions.
as well as of recreational and social activities.
Support Structure
Areas for the Practice of Sports
w Rooms for diverse use
w Multi-sports court
The Arena will offer bleacher seating for
w Locker rooms
w Room for body-building
Sport Modality
w Auditorium seating 264
w Volley-ball
w Parking lot on the premises
w Basketball
w Ambulance access to training area
w Handball
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
“Presidente João Goulart” Sports Center (Centro
Esportivo Presidente João Goulart, in Portuguese.
Betterknown asTartarugão)
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
Address: Rua Itaiabaia, Coqueiral de Itaparica, Municipality of Vila Velha - ES
Commonly known as the Tartarugão
The gymnasium hosts regional competi-
Gymnasium, it is one of the principal sports
tions and games of the National Basketball
centers of the State, a reference in the de-
League, in addition to being the gymnasium
velopment and improvement of Olympic
where the Men´s and Women´s Basketball
modalities. Its facilities have an acclimati-
teams train, representing the Municipality of
zation system, sound distribution system,
Vila Velha and the State of Espírito Santo in
and thermal insulation, which prevents the
the National League. The “Presidente João
entrance of heat and affords more thermal
Goulart” Sports Center also has social as-
comfort as well as saves energy.
sistance projects related to sports.
Support Structure
Sport Modality
w Multi-sports court
w Basketball
w Two external courts, one of which is covered
w Boxing
w Annexed soccer field
w Handball
w Rooms for meetings and conferences
w Judo
w Room and cabin for the press
w Tae Kwon Do
w Room for medical assistance
w Table tennis
w Two sky boxes
w Volley-ball
w Large parking lot
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
“Tancredo Neves” Sports Center (Centro Esportivo
Tancredo Neves, in Portuguese. Betterknown
Address: Rua Dário Lourenço de Souza, Mario Cypreste, Vitória - ES. Nearthe Vitória Bus Port
Constructed to receive national compe-
Olympic size swimming pool.
Commonly known as “Tancredão”, the
square meters total – 5 thousand square
Center is the result of a partnership between
meters constructed area – with courts for
the Government of the State of Espírito
futsal, basketball, volley-ball, handball, and
Santo and the Municipal Government of
other sports modalities, as well as a semi-
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
titions, the Center has an area of 52,765.54
Support Structure
w Rooms for meetings and conferences
w Garage for rowing
w Rooms for multi-media
w Bicycling path
w Academy for body-building
w Semi-Olympic size swimming pool
w Room for physiotherapy
w Semi-Olympic size swimming pool
Sport Modality
w Ambulance access to training area
w Volley-ball
w Basketball
Areas for the Practice of Sports
w Handball
w Multi-sports gymnasium
w Rowing
w Field for beach soccer
w Area for rowing practice
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Regional Spotlights
Talents of
On the courts, in the rings, in the swim-
ming pools, in the sea and on the beaches
of Espírito Santo, great athletes and paraathletes are born. They are men and women
who, in the most diverse sports modalities,
demonstrate the potential of the State of
Espírito Santo for sports.
The beaches of Espírito Santo and the
sturdy physical structure of the local population, for example, long ago revealed the
potential for volley-ball. Let´s take a look
at the principal athletes and para-athletes
of the State of Espírito Santo.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
in Birmingham (England) in 2010.
Daniel Mendes. Para-athlete. Four
times Para-Olympic sports Champion.
Considered the State´s greatest hope for
the Para-Olympics. He was twice World
woman, is in the number one position in
Vice-Champion (2007 and 2011) and came
the Masters category 4.7, and in number
in fourth at the Peking Para-Olympics in
two position (Radial class), in the Brazilian
2008. In 2011, he won a GoldMedal and
Championship Laser Class held in 2011.
two SilverMedals in the Parapan Games
of Guadalajara. (See article on page 32).
holds the number one position in the 2011
Denise Mesquita, an experience yachts-
Louise Ginaid, Laser class yachtswoman,
Brazilian Championship ranking.
Esquiva Falcão Florentino, 21 years
World Champion Master Formula One De-
of age, BronzeMedalist at the 2011 World
sign and World Open Vice-Champion, titles
Championship in Baku, Azerbaijan. He guar-
he won in Mexico in 2011.
anteed a position in the London Olympic
Games in 2012.
of the Laser Radial Senior 2011 and in the
third position in the South American Laser
Estivan Falcão Florentino, 15 years old.
Brazilian Champion, Cadet Category.
Luiz Fernando (better known as Urubu).
OdileGinaid, Brazilian Vice-Champion
Radial Senior, also in 2011.
Julio Cezar Sales Cardoso ,16 years old.
Invited by the Brazilian Boxing Confedera-
tion to participate in national and interna-
tional competitions. Brazilian Champion
swimmer with a victorious career, has been
and Pan-American Vice-Champion in the
Brazilian Champion innumerous times, Gold-
Cadet category (up to 70 kilograms) in 2011,
Medalist inthe 1999 Pan-American (Winni-
he is one of those talents with a chance to
peg, Canada), and a leading presence in the
represent the State of Espírito Santo in the
Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia in 2000.
2016 Games.
Yamaguchi Falcão Florentino, 23 years
international competitions in 2011, culminat-
old. Pan-American Vice-Champion, in 2011.
ing in the SilverMedal in the Pan-American
César Quintaes Lima Freitas, a local
Gabriela Rocha, classified for diverse
Games in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2011.
Wheel-chair Basketball
swimmer in the world in 2008 in the 50
Geisiane de Souza Maia and Jéssica Silva
João Luis Gomes Junior, the third best
Santana are two para-athletes from the State
meter breaststroke.
of Espírito Santo with Olympic potential and
are members of the Brazilian Wheel-chair
record holder for ten years (2000-2010) in
Basketball team. They also participated in
the 200 meters breaststroke.
the World Championship in 2010.
Ramirez dos Anjos Matias was the lead-
Pepenha, twice Brazilian absolute Cham-
ing player of the Brazilian team victorious
pion in aquatic marathons in 2008, South
at the World Cup team qualifiers (Sub-23)
American Champion in aquatic marathons
in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and came in
in 2006 and Pan-American Vice-Champion
seventh place at the World Championship
in aquatic marathons, also in 2006.
Marcelle Wasen Lopes, South American
Maria da Penha Cruz, better known as
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Beach Volley-ball
Elson Moreira da Silva (better known
Alison Cerutti, Champion of the Banco
as Cesseco), Brazilian skiff Champion in the
do Brasil Circuit in 2009, became world volley-
ball Champion in 2011 in Rome, alongside
Estevaldo Silva Santos (better known
Emanuel Rego, from the City of Curitiba (State
as Cacique), Luciano Rezende, Luiz Carlos
of Paraná). In the same year, he became antici-
Quinamor (better known as Buião) and Rui
pated Champion in the International Circuit
Benezarth, along with coxswain Walasse
of Volley-ball, again alongside Emanuel, in
Pontes, South American Champions in the
Finland. In 2012, he was crowned ‘King of the
Four with Coxswain category in 1979.
Beach’, for the second year consecutively.
Harri Moisés (better known as Harri)and-
Edson Filipe, another promising local
JoãoArruelaMário (better known as Arruela),
athlete, waselected the player that most
twice South American Champions in the 1950s.
evolved in the 2011 Brazilian Circuit.
João Pedro Kubit, another local rower,
Fábio Luiz (see article on page 31), was
discovered by the “Álvares Cabral” Swimming
the local athlete who won the SilverMedal in
and Regatta Club, became a member of the
the Olympic Games in Peking.
Flamengo team in Rio de Janeiro. João Pedro
is one of the athletes in the Brazilian Rowing
as Fernandão), the giant, standing at 2.10
meters tall, Vice-Champion of the Banco do
José Augusto Freire de Almeida (better
Brasil Circuit in 2011, third position in both
known as Guto) and João Deboni (better
Vitória (State of Espírito Santo) and Curitiba
known as Banana), BronzeMedalists in the
(State of Paraná) in the 2011 Banco do Brasil
Two without Coxswain category of the Pan-
Circuit, Vice-Champion of the Challenger
American Championship held in Indianapolis
phase of the 2009 World Circuit in Bulgaria,
in 1987.
and Champion Sub-21 in 2007. He is Fábio
Luiz´s brother.
José de Oliveira (better known as Ca-
Fernando Magalhães (better known
ranguejo), 78 years old and a member of
the Rowing Masters category. He actively
as Loiola), the first Brazilian to participate in an
participates in the sport.
international competition in the United States
José de Oliveira (Caranguejo) belongs
of America in 1993, alongside his team mate
to the Rowing Masters of Espírito Santo As-
from the State of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Bacil
sociation (AMARES, in its Portuguese initials),
(better known as Anjinho).
an entity that has twice won the general
championship, something unprecedented in
of Volley-ball elected José Geraldo Loiola Júnior
the history of rowing in the State of Espírito
the best beach volley-ball player in the world,
Santo. Caranguejo also helped AMARES to win
alongside Emanuel Rego, from Curitiba. The lo-
two third positions in the two South American
cal athlete Loiola was GoldMedalist at the 2001
championships he participated in and three
Goodwill Games in Australia, Vice-Champion
second positions in the World Championship
of the World Circuit in 2000, Champion of the
Rowing Masters, held in Canada in 2010.
World Circuit in 1999, GoldMedalist in the
Tiago Almeida, a local, represented Brazil
World at France in 1999, ‘King of the Beach’
at the Olympics in Peking and is a member
in the United States of America in 1997, and
of the Brazilian Rowing team.
‘King of the Beach’ in Brazil in 2001.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
José Geraldo Loiola Júnior (better known
In the 1990s, the International Federation
Spotlight on FÁBIO LUIZ
Volley-ball in his blood
At 32 years of age and standing 2.04
will also allow the State of Espírito Santo
meters tall, the Olympic Medalist FábioLuiz,
to form new Olympic Medalists.
Silver in Peking, dreams of the Games in
London, this year, and the Games in Brazil
house of beach volley-ball players. At this
in 2016. In spite of facing a difficult year in
moment, for example, there are at least
2011 – he underwent two knee surgeries
15 local athletes in the sport´s national
– he is a specialist in making come-backs.
ranking and at least one of them (Alison
is the favorite) should participate in the
So it was shortly before the Games in
Peking. The season had been a bad one,
In his opinion, Espírito Santo is a store-
Games in London.
the results were less than positive, and the
team, formed alongside Márcio, from the
State of Ceará, recovered nearly at the end
of the classification stage. At the end of that
story, a SilverMedal on his chest, the best
classification of an athlete from the State
of Espírito Santo in those Games.
The accomplishment of Fábio Luiz (bet-
ter known as Muralha, or Wall, in English, a
nickname he earned because of his performance in blocking) was so significant for
sports in this State that he was invited by the
Governor of the State, Renato Casagrande,
to become ‘Ambassador of the Olympic
Committee of the State of Espírito Santo
to the Olympic and Para-Olympic Games
Rio 2016’.
Fábio Luiz´s long experience in high
performance sports gives him a greater
perspective on the development of sports.
Santo will have the means to welcome foreign delegations that will come to Brazil for
the Games in Rio in 2016, taking advantage
of the proximity to the capital city of Rio de
Janeiro. Fábio believes that these facilities
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
To him, with all the facilities ready, Espírito
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Photograph: Divulgação
Fast and Determined
The conviction that it is possible to
Daniel Mendes was twice World Vice-
overcome your own limitations made the
Champion (in 2007 and again in 2011). In
para-athlete Daniel Mendes dos Santos, 32
the Peking Para-Olympics in 2008, he came
years of age, the world Champion of the 400
in fourth position in the 400 meters. The
meters, Class T11. His time: 49 seconds 82.
athlete is accompanied in all competitions
Daniel won this title and also two
by his guide Leonardo Souza Lopes. Since
SilverMedals in the Parapan Games in Gua-
2005, he has an arduous daily workout: two
dalajara in 2011. He is four times Brazilian
periods of four hours six days a week.
Champion of the Para-Olympic sport and
considered the State of Espírito Santo´s
lete one of the greatest names in Brazilian
greatest hope for the Games in London.
para-athletics nowadays.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
This determination has made this ath-
Sportive Spirit
Soccer, beach volley-ball, basketball, tennis, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, judo,
boxing, and sailing are some of the sports modalities whose national championships
and international challenges have been and are held in the State of Espírito Santo.
Below, a chart demonstrating the State´s capacity to host great events.
Brazilian Championship of Wheel-chair
Brazilian Boxing Championship
II Brazilian Cup Sub 17
III Brazilian Cup Sub 17
IV Brazilian Cup Sub 17
V Brazilian Cup Sub 17
Brazilian Rhythmic Gymnastics Juvenile
Artistic and
II Stage of Caixa Circuit Rhythmic
Gymnastics Adult Championship
Brazilian Rhythmic Gymnastics Adults
International Judo Challenge
International Judo Challenge
XXXII Brazilian Children´s Championship –
Maurício Bekenn Trophy
XX Southeastern Tournament for
Children´s and Juvenile´s Swimming –
Assis Chateaubriand Trophy
XX Brazilian Juvenile Swimming
Championship –Carlos Campos Sobrinho
Vitório Wheel-chair Tennis Open
II Round the Islands
City of Vitória Cup, Ocean class
Beach Volley-ball
2009, 2010
e 2011
36th Brazilian Laser Championship, Men´s
and Women´s Laser Radial category
State Sailing Championship, Ocean class
57th City of Vitória Cup, Ocean class
Banco do Brasil Circuit
III Banco do Brasil Circuit
Brazilian University Championship
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Photograph: Setur / Sagrilo
Beaches at the center of Guarapari, ES
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Tourism and Leisure
To visit, savor,
and dream
The natural diversity of Espírito Santo
With the growth of the State´s econ-
guarantees tourists panoramas that range
omy, events-related and business-related
from an ocean of clear waters, with an
tourism stand out as strong tendencies.
average temperature near 30 degrees in
With so many attractions, Espírito Santo
the summer, to mountains, where the
has created touristic routes which group
temperature can be as low as zero degrees
municipalities in accordance to common
in winter. All of this at merely an hour´s
characteristics, such as the Sun and Mo-
distance from each other.
queca Route, the Sea and Mountains Route,
and the Green and Waters Route.
Areas of environmental preservation,
parks, and squares guarantee direct contact
In order to attend the public inter-
with nature, in addition to areas appropriate
ested in visiting these routes, the State has
for the practice of radical as well as nautical
made significant investments to improve
sports. In the small rural properties, agro-
their infra-structure, expanded the hotel
tourism is the role model for the country.
network, the areas dedicated to events,
The State of Espírito Santo´s cuisine, with
and the number of restaurants, in which
Brazilian Indian, African, and European in-
one may savor, especially, the traditional
fluences, especially Italian and German, is
moqueca and the regional pie, references
one of the most delicious and captivating.
in regional cuisine.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
The charms of an island
Vitória, the capital city of the State of
Founded in 1551, the capital of the
Espírito Santo, is the point of departure
State of Espírito Santo still maintains ex-
for enjoying the infra-structure, the leisure
amples of architecture from that period.
areas, the sports centers and facilities, and
There are manors, churches, and staircases.
most of the touristic routes of the State.
Most of the collection is in the center of the
One of the three island capital cities of
city. The wealth of its history, the beauty of
Brazil, it has sustainable development as
its parks and beaches – very visited for nauti-
one of its distinguishing characteristics and
cal sports – and its economic characteristics
stands out among the fastest growing in
attract tourists from all the corners of the
the country. Great business opportunities
world, interested in leisure and business
are always aligned with preserving its his-
tory, its culture, and its eco-systems.
With a population of 327 thousand
inhabitants, it is a great place to live in.
Wonderfully welcoming, the city is ranked
Namorados Square, Vitória, ES
among the ten best Brazilian cities to work
in. Compared to the other capital cities, it
has the second best quality of life, the third
best rating in the HDI (Human Development Index), and the highest GDP (Gross
Domestic Product) per capita.
Its economy is based on port activities,
on business, and services. Strategically
located, it is one of the principal ports for
distribution of national production. To
this end, it has an excellent logistics infrastructure.
Vitória also registers growth above
the national average in business-related
tourism. In order to supply this demand,
the city has invested in the increase of the
events spaces, in restaurants, and other
services related to the segment
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
infra-structure of the hotel network, the
Metropolitan Region
turesvery similar to that of Vitória. They
The Metropolitan Region of Greater
possess very popular beaches and yet other
Vitória is made up of, in addition to the
paradisiacal ones (having less visitors and
capital, another six municipalities – Vila
less urban interference). The infra-structure
Velha (where the Portuguese colonization
is similar, with ports and good roadways.
began), Cariacica, Serra, Viana, Guarapari
and Fundão – and possesses almost half
main symbol of the State of Espírito Santo,
of the total population of Espírito Santo
the Penha Convent. The Terceira Bridge
(46%). All told, its seven cities combined
unites Vitória and Vila Velha crossing one
produce 58% of its wealth and consume
of the most beautiful scenes of the coun-
55% of the electricity produced in the State.
try: the Vitória Bay. In Serra and Cariacica,
Within this region are concentrated the
Mounts Mestre Álvaro and Mochuara,
ten training centers, which can be utilized
respectively, stand out. In Guarapari, the
by delegations participating in the Rio 2016
differential is in the beauty of its beaches,
Olympic Games and Para-Olympic Games
such as Três Praias, the Azul Cove, the
and that are already a reference for the
Meaipe and Setiba Beaches. The most
preparation of regional high performance
renowned one is the Areia Preta Beach,
in the center of the city, with the exotic
color of its sand that possesses, by the
Vila Velha, Serra, Cariacica, Viana,
Guarapari and Fundão offer infra-struc-
The neighboring Vila Velha has the
way, medicinal properties.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Photograph: Setur / Tadeu Bianconi
Foto: Tadeu Bianconi
Sea and Mountains Route
Penha Convent, Vila Velha, overlooking Vitória Bay, ES
The seduction of the
sea and cuisine
The beauty of its beaches, its religious
expression of regional folklore. The cuisine
and folkloric traditions, and its unique
of the region has such icons as moqueca
cuisine make the Sun and Moqueca Route
and the regional pie, in addition to other
one of the most renowned and sought
typical dishes based on seafood, served in
after in Espírito Santo. Made up of the
clay pots, an inheritance of the Brazilian
municipalities of Vitória, Serra, Vila Velha,
Indian handicrafts. The festivals, principally
Guarapari, and Anchieta, the Route unites
the religious ones, also attract the attention
ideal characteristics for those who wish
of tourists from around Brazil.
to enjoy nautical, culinary, religious, and
historical tourism.
towards the south of the State is the Mu-
The point of departure for the Route
With many different leisure options,
nicipality of Serra, which possesses the
the Sun and Moqueca Route possesses
industrial pole of the State. Known for its
excellent infra-structure. In addition to
immaculate beaches, near streams and
its natural attractions, it is rich in cultural
lakes, the city also offers diverse agro-
manifestations, such as congo, the greatest
tourism routes.
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
The next stop is the capital, Vitória,
which holds the principal business events
of Espírito Santo. Vila Velha is the oldest
city of the State and the most densely
populated. Within it stand out historical and
of Our Lady of Penha, simply known as
the Penha Convent, the greatest symbol
of the faith of the region. The coast of the
municipality pleases tourists because of its
beautiful beaches.
For a long time, the city was propelled
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
cultural patrimonies, such as the Convent
Clay pot, regional handicraft
economically by the garment industry and
by the chocolates industry– it is the site of
the headquarters of Chocolates Garoto, acquired by Nestlé. Nowadays, it has widened
its economic base with large investments
in tourism and civil construction.
Guarapari, known as the “City of Health”
because of the medicinal properties of its
after beaches of Brazil. With more than 30
beaches, it has a large network of hotels,
restaurants, and night clubs.
Anchieta, the last stop on the Route,
has twenty three beaches and stands out
in the national scenario because of the
Photograph: Setur / Sagrilo
monazite sands, is one of the most sought
Revelry of Kings, regional folklore
“Anchieta Footsteps” (Passos de Anchieta),
along whichwayfarers from around the
country leave Vitória going towards the
city, following the path, approximately 100
kilometers long, of the Jesuit priest José de
Photograph: Setur / Sagrilo
Schooner trip in Guarapari, ES
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Sea and Mountains Route
Between the hot and cold
The combination of the sea and moun-
liquors, sugarcane tipple (known typically
tains, highlight of the Sea and Mountains
as cachaça), and salami – augment the
Route, makes Espírito Santo a privileged
region´s development.
State. The Route, characterized by varia-
tions in temperature, is made of up the
enchanted by the beauty of the Route,
municipalities of Vitória, Viana, Domingos
abundant in waterfalls and trails, ideal for
Martins, Marechal Floriano, and Venda Nova
practicing radical sports, and the cultural
do Imigrante, all rich in cultural traditions.
inheritance of Italian, German, Pomeranian,
The Pedra Azul State Park is one of the
Austrian, and Portuguese immigrants who,
principal attractions of the region.
together with the Brazilian Indians and
Africans, wrote the history of the region.
The family-based agriculture is one
Tourists delight in the cuisine and are
of the distinguishing characteristics of the
Route. Most of the small rural properties
plies the local market with bananas, coffee,
are open to visitors. The sale of typical
and cattle, is the first stop on the Route.
products – jellies, cookies, cheese, wines,
The next one, Marechal Floriana, stands
Leaving from Vitória, Viana, which sup-
Photograph: Setur / Weverson Rocio
Lagarto Stone, on Pedra Azul
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Photograph: Setur / Weverson Rocio
Natural pools, in the Pedra Azul State Park
out because of its climate and the large
in the practice of agro-tourism, and has be-
variety of orchids. Many festivals are held
come a national reference. When they taste
here, such as the Italian-German Festival.
typical regional products, such as socol, a
Domingos Martins in the largest Ger-
type of pork sausage, tourists get to know
man immigrant colony in the Southeastern
a little more about the Italian customs and
Region of Brazil. Its economy, agriculture
traditions. Its principal event is the Polenta
based, focuses temperate-climate fruits,
such as strawberries and grapes. The current development of the city is largely due
to tourism and agro-tourism. The pleasant
climate, cold by Brazilian standards, attracts
tourists from around Brazil. To welcome
them, the municipality possesses an excellent infra-structure of hotels and colonial
Very sought after for the practice of
Park, a reference in the region, offers trails
and natural pools. In Domingos Martins,
there are typical festivals, such as the Sommerfest, the International Winter Festival,
and the Strawberry Festival.
Venda Nova, in the State, is a pioneer
Photograph: Samuel Vieira
adventure tourism, the Pedra Azul State
Agro-tourism in Venda Nova do Imigrante
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Photograph: Setur / Tadeu Bianconi
Forro in Itaúnas, north of the ES
Green and Waters Route
Bucolic poetry and
Photograph: Setur / Weverson Rocio
The natural beauty of the northern
State Park, in Conceição da Barra, and the
coast of Espírito Santo stand out along the
Riacho Doce Beach, on the border of the
Green and Waters Route. The municipalities
State of Bahia, are places you need to visit.
of Vitória, Aracruz, Linhares, São Mateus,
and Conceição da Barra unite deserted
the direction of Vitória-Conceição da Barra,
beaches, ecological reserves, lagoons, and
Aracruz is famous for its beaches and the
a great deal of history. The Route is ideal
ecological reserve of the Piraquê-Açuan-
for those who wish to have direct contact
dPiraquê-Mirim rivers. On its banks, there
with nature and simply relax. The Itaúnas
are the reservations of the Tupiniquim and
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
The first stop on the Route going in
Guarani Brazilian Indian tribes.
of Saint Benedict – both dating from the
Linhares, known as the Paradise of
eighteenth century. In the lower city, you
Waters, possesses 64 lagoons, forming the
can see the architectural complex of the
largest lacustrine complex of the South-
Porto historical site.
eastern Region. The Juparaña is the largest
in the country in terms of fresh water. The
State Park stands out, in the bucolic Vila de
Barra Seca Beach, the only nudist beach
Itaúnas, famous throughout Brazil for the
in the State, is part of the World Guide to
so-called pé-de-serraforro. The Park, con-
sidered a UNESCO World Natural Heritage,
São Mateus, with a great participation
is comprised of rivers, marshes, shoals, and
in the petroleum industry and the region´s
warm water beaches. The dunes, standing
economy, is part of the Route in light of its
20 to 30 meters tall, are attractions in and
historic site, the result of five centuries´
of themselves.Just a little further on, on the
worth of urbanization. In the center of the
border of Espírito Santo and the State of
municipality, there are some of its principal
Bahia, there is yet another highlight of the
symbols: the ruins of the Velha Church – an
region: the Riacho Doce Beach, considered
unfinished construction of the nineteenth
the second most beautiful deserted beach
century – and the Main Church and Church
in the country.
Photograph: Setur / Tadeu Bianconi
In Conceição da Barra, the Itaúnas
Riacho Doce Beach (above) and dunes of Itaúnas (below) in Conceição da Barra
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
Dunes of Itaúnas
Regional cuisine
delight in
The fishing tradition and the inheri-
tance of the Brazilian Indian and Black
cultures, together with the influence of
European immigrants, gave the regional
cuisine a special and eclectic touch. From
this mixture, two dishes stand out: moqueca
and the regional pie.
The name ‘moqueca’ is a reference to
the manner the dish is prepared, consist-
Photograph: Setur / Weverson Rocio
Moqueca capixaba
ing of stewing without water, using only
spices and seafood. It can be made using
only fish or using both fish and other seafood,
traditional during Holy Week. In both cases,
accompanied by onions, garlic, tomatoes,
in order to preserve tradition, they should
coriander, urucum seeds, Malagueta pep-
be made in the traditional clay pots, the
pers, scallions, olive oil, soybean oil, and salt.
most typical product of regional handicrafts
and the inheritance of the Brazilian Indian
The manner of cooking the regional
pie is much more complex and uses more
sophisticated ingredients. It is made using
various seafood, such as shredded crab
ian Indian tribes that inhabited the coast
meat, shrimps, oysters, and mollusks, as
of the State – until the present day, the
well as codfish and hearts-of-palm. It is
technique of making these clay pots and
From its origins – among the Brazil-
the social structure of the artisans has
remained practically unchanged.
The handicraft of the artisans of these
pots has always guaranteed the economic
survival of their relatives, as well as maintained their traditions. The region of GoiaPhotograph: Setur / Tadeu Bianconi
beiras, to the north of the island of Vitória,
is the traditional site of the production of
these clay pots. A hangar was constructed
there in order to house the ‘Artisans of
Goiabeiras’, who, because they are so traditional, celebrate one of the most important
Regional pie
Guide to Espírito Santo 2016
festivals of the State: the Festival of Artisans
of Clay Pots.
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Vitória Apart Hospital
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Central Reception Telephones:
Telephone: 55 - 27 – 2127-8500
55 - 27 – 3201-5558 and 3201-5559
Emergency Telephones: 55 - 27 – 3201-5800,
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Hospital da Polícia Militar (HPM)
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EmergencyTelephone: 55 - 27 – 3346-2020
Telephone: 55 - 27 – 3325-3399
Centro Integrado de Atenção à Saúde (Cias)
Hospital Estadual São Lucas
Address: Av. Leitão da Silva, 2311, Itararé,
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Hospital Santa Rita
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Telephone: 55 - 27 – 3183-8000
Hospital Estadual Dr. Dório Silva
Av. Paulo Pereira Gomes, Morada de
Laranjeiras, Serra, ES
Useful telephone numbers
Police and Fire Brigade: 190
Medical Emergencies: Samu 192
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Photograph: Samuel Vieira
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Espírito Santo
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